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USPTO disciplinary decisions relating to patent and trademark practitioners.

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Decisions of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline
Proceeding Number Decision Related Text Respondent Name Decision Type Decision Date
D1995-03 Final Order Marinangeli, Michael G. Discipline 04/24/1997
D1995-03 Initial Decision Marinangeli, Michael G. Discipline 07/18/1997
D1995-03 Order on Reconsideration Marinangeli, Michael G. Discipline 09/05/1997
D1995-03 Final Order Marinangeli, Michael G. Discipline 10/07/1997
D1996-01 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 08/28/1997
D1996-02 Final Decision Gould, David F. Discipline 05/06/1997
D1996-03 Initial Decision Halvonik, John P. Discipline 02/26/1998
D1996-03 Final Order Halvonik, John P. Discipline 03/04/1999
D1996-03 Final Decision Halvonik, John P. Discipline 03/26/1999
D1999-01 Final Order Hoffman, Bernard S. Discipline 10/12/1999
D1999-01 Final Decision Hoffman, Bernard S. Discipline 02/16/2000
D1999-02 Initial Decision Barron, Harry W. Discipline 07/19/1999
D1999-03 Final Decision Uland, Larry, L. Discipline 08/03/1999
D1999-04 Final Order Colitz, Michael J. Jr. Discipline 12/03/2002
D1999-05 Initial Decision Garmon, Judith E. Discipline 06/09/2000
D1999-05 Final Order Garmon, Judith E. Discipline 07/28/2000
D1999-06 Final Order Gernstein, Terry M. Discipline 04/09/2001
D1999-07 Final Order Ludy, Andrew W. Discipline 10/24/2000
D1999-09 Final Order Sturges, Hiram Discipline 02/02/2000
D1999-10 Final Decision Burmeister, Marshall Arthur Discipline 03/16/2004
D1999-11 Final Order Combs, E. Michael Discipline 02/16/2000
D1999-12 Final Decision Reynolds, David Duncan Discipline 04/04/2001
D1999-13 Final Order Hilke, Charles N. Discipline 11/09/1999
D1999-14 Final Order Volk, David L. Discipline 08/06/1999
D1999-15 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 08/06/1999
D2000-01 Initial Decision Bender, S. Michael Discipline 02/11/2002
D2000-01 Final Order Bender, S. Michael Discipline 09/30/2003
D2000-01 Order on Reconsideration Bender, S. Michael Discipline 07/26/2004
D2000-02 Final Decision Frease, John B. Discipline 08/22/2000
D2000-03 Final Order Goates, Gary B. Discipline 07/28/2000
D2000-04 Final Decision Marzocco, Ralph L. Discipline 10/25/2000
D2000-05 Final Decision Greenberg, Alan G. Discipline 08/21/2001
D2000-06 Final Order Hurey, Michael Discipline 05/03/2001
D2000-07 Initial Decision Kersey, George E. Discipline 11/14/2001
D2000-07 Final Order Kersey, George E. Discipline 06/14/2002
D2000-07 Order on Reconsideration Kersey, George E. Discipline 10/24/2002
D2000-08 Final Decision Abdallah, Iman A. Discipline 06/11/2001
D2000-09 Final Order Ziegler, Thomas K. Discipline 08/29/2001
D2000-10 Final Order Teplitz, Jerome M. Discipline 04/04/2002
D2000-11 Final Decision Dunsmuir, George H. Discipline 12/03/2001
D2000-12 Final Decision Corbin, Charles C. Discipline 08/14/2001
D2000-13 Final Decision Illich, Russell Discipline 06/28/2001
D2000-14 Final Order Stanback, Clarence F., Jr. Discipline 04/02/2001
D2000-16 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 08/23/2000
D2001-02 Final Order Cooper, Byron W. Discipline 02/13/2001
D2001-03 Final Order Carroll, Leo R. Discipline 07/16/2001
D2001-04 Final Decision Reichmanis, Maria Discipline 11/08/2001
D2001-05 Final Decision Mybeck, Walter R., II Discipline 08/15/2002
D2001-06 Initial Decision Hill, Kenneth C. Discipline 09/11/2003
D2001-06 Final Order Hill, Kenneth C. Discipline 07/26/2004
D2001-07 Final Order Kearns, Jerry T. Discipline 06/08/2001
D2001-08 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Anonymous Other 03/14/2001
D2001-09 Final Order Johnson, Larry D. Discipline 07/09/2001
D2001-10 Final Decision Davis, F. Eugene Discipline 01/28/2002
D2001-12 Final Order Callaghan, John E. Discipline 07/17/2000
D2001-13 Final Order Mullen, Martin G. Discipline 10/04/2001
D2001-14 Final Decision Corbin, Charles C. Discipline 08/01/2002
D2001-15 Final Order Dix, Brendan B. Discipline 08/19/2002
D2001-16 Final Order Ryznic, John E. Discipline 02/03/2003
D2002-02 Final Order Lobato, Emmanuel J. Discipline 02/04/2002
D2002-03 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 05/14/2002
D2002-04 Final Decision Gilliam, Steven Dale Discipline 11/25/2002
D2002-06 Final Order Rivera, Chrispin M. Discipline 02/04/2003
D2002-07 Final Order Flagg, Rodger H. Discipline 07/17/2002
D2002-08 Final Order Frederiksen, Mark D. Discipline 09/23/2002
D2002-09 Final Order Cohen, Jonathan M. Discipline 04/04/2002
D2002-10 Final Order Cohen, Herbert Discipline 04/04/2002
D2002-13 Final Order Bell, Curtis A. Discipline 10/07/2002
D2002-14 Initial Decision Bode, George A. Discipline 08/21/2003
D2002-14 Final Order Bode, George A. Discipline 07/28/2004
D2002-15 Final Order Cohen, Matthew J. Discipline 12/04/2002
D2002-16 Final Order Herring, Joseph C. Discipline 09/20/2002
D2002-17 Final Order Hillman, Val Jean F. Discipline 05/31/2002
D2003-07 Final Order Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 02/24/2004
D2003-08 Final Order Kaardal, Ivar M. Discipline 02/24/2004
D2003-09 Final Order Wengrovsky, Todd Discipline 12/22/2003
D2003-10 Final Order Tassan, Bruce A. Discipline 09/08/2003
D2003-12 Final Order Wittenberg, Malcolm B. Discipline 06/16/2004
D2003-13 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 02/09/2004
D2003-14 Initial Decision Sheinbein, Sol Discipline 12/10/2004
D2003-14 Order on Reconsideration Sheinbein, Sol Discipline 06/23/2005
D2003-14 Final Order Sheinbein, Sol Discipline 05/05/2005
D2004-01 Final Order DeSha, Michael J. Discipline 12/24/2003
D2004-02 Final Order Van Der Wall, Robert J. Discipline 05/27/2004
D2004-03 Final Order Eslinger, Lewis Discipline 07/30/2004
D2004-04 Final Order Peirce, Matthew J. Discipline 04/08/2005
D2004-05 Initial Decision Kersey, George E. Discipline 03/09/2006
D2004-05 Final Order Kersey, George E. Discipline 08/03/2006
D2004-05 Order on Reconsideration Kersey, George E. Discipline 06/27/2007
D2004-08 Final Order Morton, Richard F. Discipline 03/22/2005
D2004-10 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 08/19/2004
D2004-11 Final Order Maiorino, Salvatore J. Discipline 08/09/2004
D2004-12 Final Order Jennings, Larry M. Discipline 10/05/2005
D2004-15 Final Decision Rostoker, Michael David Discipline 05/31/2006
D2005-03 Final Order Spangler, Jeffrey Thomas Discipline 10/18/2005
D2005-05 Final Order Marks, Andrew S. Discipline 07/07/2005
D2005-06 Final Order Sylvester, Bradley P. Discipline 03/15/2006
D2005-08 Final Order Lynt, Christopher H. Discipline 02/07/2006
D2005-10 Final Order Flynn, William C. Discipline 12/20/2005
D2006-01 Exclusion Peterson, Richard T. Discipline 11/21/2007
D2006-02 Final Decision Gordon-Lendvay, Mark Discipline 03/29/2007
D2006-03 Final Order Liniak, Thomas Paul Discipline 10/18/2005
D2006-03 Final Order Osredkar, Peter J. Discipline 03/28/2006
D2006-04 Final Order Watkins, Thomas G., III Discipline 06/18/2008
D2006-05 Final Decision Tezak, Edward L. Discipline 10/09/2007
D2006-07 Final Decision Rosenberg, Marshall E. Discipline 03/07/2007
D2006-08 Final Order Drake, Malik N. Discipline 11/27/2006
D2006-09 Final Order Knuth, Randall J. Discipline 02/21/2008
D2006-10 Final Order Maxwell, Micheal D. Discipline 05/21/2007
D2006-11 Final Decision Vander Weit, John, Jr. Discipline 07/31/2007
D2006-12 Final Order Glynn, Kenneth P. Discipline 07/20/2007
D2006-13 Final Decision Kelber, Steven B. Discipline 09/23/2008
D2006-15 Initial Decision Halvonik, John P. Discipline 07/31/2008
D2006-15 Final Order Halvonik, John P. Discipline 01/21/2009
D2006-16 Final Decision Rose, Stuart W. Discipline 06/14/2007
D2006-17 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 04/30/2007
D2006-18 Final Order Ho, Lawrence Y.D. Discipline 01/17/2007
D2006-19 Final Order Hierl, Michael A. Discipline 10/30/2007
D2006-20 Final Order Denenberg, David W. Discipline 12/18/2006
D2006-21 Final Decision Shea, Timothy Joseph, II Discipline 09/18/2007
D2007-01 Final Order Schaefer, Kenneth R. Discipline 04/30/2007
D2007-02 Final Order Burkhart, Patrick N. Discipline 03/27/2008
D2007-02 Final Order Burkhart, Patrick N. Discipline 09/03/2008
D2007-03 Final Order Dabney, Tami A. Discipline 03/27/2007
D2007-04 Final Order Bock, Joel N. Discipline 10/15/2009
D2007-05 Final Order Sylvester, Bradley P. Discipline 04/09/2008
D2007-09 Final Decision Golden, Phillip T. Discipline 04/21/2008
D2008-01 Final Order Schwartz, Stanley D. Discipline 10/29/2007
D2008-02 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 09/23/2008
D2008-04 Final Decision Hormann, Karl Discipline 07/08/2009
D2008-05 Final Order Oen, William L. Discipline 04/29/2008
D2008-06 Final Order Missimer, Richard S. Discipline 10/24/2008
D2008-07 Final Order Rayve, Brian R. Discipline 10/08/2008
D2008-09 Final Order Barrison, Flynn H. Discipline 06/18/2009
D2008-10 Final Order Diaz, Michael L. Discipline 03/13/2009
D2008-12 Interim Suspension Edington, Jonathon L. Discipline 03/13/2009
D2008-12 Final Decision Edington, Jonathon L. Discipline 07/09/2009
D2008-13 Final Order Santoro, Frank A. Discipline 05/16/2008
D2008-14 Final Decision McCarthy, Daniel P. Discipline 03/30/2009
D2008-15 Final Order Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 05/25/2010
D2008-20 Final Order Haley, Jeffrey T. Discipline 04/02/2009
D2008-22 Final Order Payne, Alton W., Jr. Discipline 06/10/2009
D2008-23 Final Order Tamura, Ronald S. Discipline 08/15/2008
D2008-24 Final Order Schoonover, Donald R. Discipline 07/14/2009
D2008-26 Final Order Isaac, John L. Discipline 12/11/2008
D2008-27 Final Order Carlson, John E. Discipline 06/17/2009
D2009-01 Final Order Fisher, Thomas Michael Discipline 04/23/2009
D2009-01 Order on Reconsideration Fisher, Thomas Michael Discipline 05/07/2009
D2009-02 Final Order Hughes, Carl D. Discipline 02/13/2009
D2009-03 Final Order Martin, Timothy J. Discipline 06/03/2010
D2009-04 Final Decision Ho, Lawrence Y.D. Discipline 01/30/2009
D2009-05 Final Order Haigh, Christopher E. Discipline 08/03/2009
D2009-06 Final Order Mitrano, Peter Paul Discipline 06/10/2010
D2009-07 Final Order Amberly, Vincent Mark Discipline 11/18/2010
D2009-08 Final Order Jepson, Craig S. Discipline 03/13/2009
D2009-09 Final Order Brufsky, Allen D. Discipline 05/06/2009
D2009-11 Final Order Sanchelima, Jesus Discipline 04/02/2009
D2009-13 Final Order Gusmano, Joseph M. Discipline 04/02/2009
D2009-14 Final Order Lever, Steven J. Discipline 01/22/2010
D2009-16 Final Order Leavitt, Steven B. Discipline 08/07/2009
D2009-17 Final Order Galasso, Raymond M. Discipline 08/20/2010
D2009-18 Final Order Gilbreth, Jimmy Mark Discipline 07/14/2009
D2009-19 Final Order Brown, Joseph T. Discipline 04/29/2009
D2009-20 Final Order Cummings, Henry W. Discipline 08/21/2008
D2009-21 Final Order Lilling, Bruce E. Discipline 10/26/2009
D2009-22 Final Decision Weseman, James C. Discipline 06/01/2010
D2009-24 Final Order Sutton, Ezra Discipline 01/10/2011
D2009-25 Final Order Soliz, Chad C. Discipline 01/22/2010
D2009-26 Final Order Hwang, Peter G.H. Discipline 05/27/2009
D2009-27 Final Order Martinez, Peter R. Discipline 05/01/2009
D2009-28 Final Order Warr, Alastair J. Discipline 05/15/2009
D2009-29 Final Order Orzechowski, Karen Lee Discipline 10/15/2009
D2009-30 Final Order Hedges, James K. Discipline 02/19/2010
D2009-31 Final Order Storwick, Robert M. Discipline 06/17/2010
D2009-32 Final Order Brown, Glenn C. Discipline 07/08/2010
D2009-33 Final Order Gibney, Lawrence J. Discipline 03/04/2010
D2009-34 Final Order Zborovsky, Ilya Discipline 08/31/2009
D2009-36 Final Order Sefrna, Ronald B. Discipline 01/22/2010
D2009-37 Final Order Roddy, Kenneth A. Discipline 04/29/2010
D2009-38 Final Order Seto, Jeffrey K. Discipline 08/02/2010
D2009-39 Final Order Campbell, Anthony Discipline 02/18/2011
D2009-40 Interim Suspension Tricarico, Dean J. Discipline 12/10/2010
D2009-40 Final Decision Tricarico, Dean J. Discipline 04/20/2011
D2009-41 Final Order Black, Edward P. Discipline 06/17/2010
D2009-42 Interim Suspension Basrai, Aziz (formely Hunaid) Discipline 10/26/2009
D2009-42 Final Order Basrai, Aziz (formely Hunaid) Discipline 10/31/2012
D2009-43 Final Order Manghera, Peter J. Discipline 06/10/2010
D2009-44 Final Order Jung, Hume J. Discipline 02/04/2010
D2009-45 Final Order Imes, Kevin R. Discipline 03/15/2011
D2009-46 Final Order Jensen, Erik B. Discipline 02/18/2010
D2009-48 Final Decision Robinson, James T. Discipline 05/26/2010
D2009-49 Final Order Hamilton, Zachary Discipline 07/21/2010
D2009-50 Final Order Paulding, Theodore R. Discipline 02/04/2010
D2009-51 Final Order Watson, Paul Granville, IV Discipline 06/03/2010
D2009-52 Final Order Horowitz, Steven Discipline 08/02/2010
D2009-53 Final Order Buckley Correa, Richard (a.k.a. Buckley, Richard Allen) Discipline 12/03/2009
D2009-54 Final Order Rowe, Jasper C. Discipline 03/08/2010
D2009-55 Final Order Siddiqui, Uzair M. Discipline 06/14/2010
D2009-58 Final Order Vincent, Matthew P. Discipline 10/26/2009
D2009-59 Final Order Boegemann, Les A. Discipline 02/18/2010
D2010-01 Final Order Smith, Stephen L. Discipline 01/08/2010
D2010-02 Final Order Prendergast, William F. Discipline 02/18/2010
D2010-03 Final Order Silverman, Samuel B. Discipline 02/19/2010
D2010-04 Final Order Ngo, Jasmyne B. Discipline 04/09/2010
D2010-05 Final Order Troxell, Bruce H. Discipline 08/17/2010
D2010-06 Final Order Okorafor, James O. Discipline 10/15/2010
D2010-08 Final Order Lawson, Steven C. Discipline 10/05/2010
D2010-12 Final Order Serbin, Richard S. Discipline 03/31/2010
D2010-15 Final Order Derenyi, Eugene F. Discipline 05/23/2011
D2010-16 Final Order Lindon, James Lee Discipline 06/03/2010
D2010-17 Final Order Malas, Sami Omar Discipline 10/13/2010
D2010-18 Final Order Wechsler, Lawrence Ira Discipline 06/10/2010
D2010-19 Final Order Oh, Sung I. Discipline 01/18/2011
D2010-20 Final Order Barton, Gregory P. Discipline 08/30/2010
D2010-22 Final Order Warren, William Z. Discipline 06/11/2010
D2010-23 Final Order Gonzales, John F. Discipline 03/31/2010
D2010-25 Interim Suspension Scholten, Jill A. Discipline 09/03/2010
D2010-25 Final Decision Scholten, Jill A. Discipline 05/24/2011
D2010-26 Final Order Green, Weldon F. Discipline 03/14/2011
D2010-27 Final Order Mackenzie, Douglas E. Discipline 10/12/2011
D2010-28 Final Order Peacock, Gregg A. Discipline 05/25/2010
D2010-29 Final Order Webb, Glenn L. Discipline 07/07/2010
D2010-30 Final Order Santarlas, Brien P. Discipline 06/03/2010
D2010-32 Final Order Snyder, Jackson W., II Discipline 07/21/2010
D2010-35 Final Order Soliz, Chad C. Discipline 12/02/2010
D2010-36 and D2012-04 Final Order Kubler, Francis L. Discipline 02/15/2012
D2010-37 Final Order Guth, Michael A. Discipline 02/11/2011
D2010-39 Final Order Martin, Ralph M. Discipline 10/26/2010
D2010-40 Final Order Bollman, William H. Discipline 10/19/2011
D2010-41 Final Order Meyer, Allen A. Discipline 09/07/2011
D2010-42 Final Order Meeker, Donald W. Discipline 04/13/2011
D2011-01 Final Order Greiner, Stephen R. Discipline 01/18/2011
D2011-02 Final Order Gernstein, Terry M. Discipline 03/22/2011
D2011-03 Final Order Wick, Lawrence S. Discipline 05/06/2011
D2011-04 Final Order Burkhart, Patrick N. Discipline 01/10/2012
D2011-05 Final Order Eymard, Frank C. Discipline 12/22/2010
D2011-07 Final Order Chambers, Daniel M. Discipline 08/03/2011
D2011-08 Final Order La Mondue, Carl Christen Discipline 11/17/2011
D2011-10 Final Order Bielen, Theodore J. Discipline 04/22/2011
D2011-11 Final Order Perkowski, Thomas J. Discipline 06/17/2011
D2011-12 Final Order Tholstrup, Richard J. Discipline 03/01/2011
D2011-13 Final Order Edelson, Leon I. Discipline 12/15/2011
D2011-14 Final Order DiGiovanni, Peter W. Discipline 08/11/2011
D2011-15 Final Order Kurzman, Marc G. Discipline 10/18/2011
D2011-16 Final Order Cataldo, Ennio Discipline 10/18/2011
D2011-17 Final Order Brown, Bennett A. Discipline 05/02/2011
D2011-18 Final Order Walters, Bambi F. Discipline 03/25/2011
D2011-19 Final Order Rayve, Brian R. Discipline 02/06/2012
D2011-21 Final Order Chan, Raymond Y. Discipline 01/17/2012
D2011-23 Final Order Pochopien, Donald J. Discipline 05/20/2011
D2011-24 Final Order Boegemann, Les A. Discipline 04/27/2011
D2011-25 Final Order Ames, Wesley B. Discipline 02/14/2012
D2011-27 Final Decision Shippey, Michael A. Discipline 10/14/2011
D2011-30 Final Order Grodt, Thomas P. Discipline 02/24/2012
D2011-31 Final Decision Chandler, Travis Discipline 12/06/2011
D2011-32 Final Order Day, William Bruce Discipline 08/10/2011
D2011-33 Final Order Powers, Arlene J. Discipline 06/13/2011
D2011-34 Final Order Scott, Steven R. Discipline 01/31/2012
D2011-35 Final Order Johansen, Walter E., III Discipline 02/06/2012
D2011-36 Final Order Bunch, John W. Discipline 10/07/2011
D2011-37 Final Order Ambriz-Najera, Amelia Discipline 12/23/2011
D2011-38 Final Order Fox, David E. Discipline 02/14/2012
D2011-39 Final Order Snyder, Craig J.J. Discipline 02/08/2012
D2011-40 Final Order Misfeldt, Karen Discipline 12/29/2011
D2011-41 Final Order Hou, Junwei Wayne Discipline 01/10/2012
D2011-42 Final Order Lofstedt, Ben E. Discipline 02/16/2012
D2011-43 Final Order Okorafor, James O. Discipline 02/15/2012
D2011-44 Final Order Portner, Henry N. Discipline 06/22/2012
D2011-47 Final Order Head, Jason M. Discipline 09/06/2011
D2011-48 Final Order Hurst, Ronald A., Jr. Discipline 11/17/2011
D2011-49 Final Order Suplizio, Jesse Paul Discipline 01/25/2012
D2011-50 Interim Suspension Taltavull, William Warren, III Discipline 11/17/2011
D2011-50 Final Order Taltavull, William Warren, III Discipline 03/12/2012
D2011-52 Final Order Matlock, Kenneth Brian Discipline 02/07/2012
D2011-53 Final Order Cutillo. Arthur J. Discipline 01/10/2012
D2011-54 Final Order Peterson, Paul N. Discipline 06/15/2012
D2011-55 Final Order Conners, Jane A. Discipline 05/30/2012
D2011-56 Final Order Park, Woochoon W. Discipline 02/06/2012
D2011-57 Final Order Janka, John C. Discipline 11/21/2011
D2011-58 Final Order Karasik, Olga A. Discipline 02/15/2012
D2011-59 Final Order Seto, Robert M. Discipline 10/11/2011
D2011-60 Final Order Briggs, Heath J. Discipline 10/14/2011
D2011-61 Final Order Tikku, Anup Discipline 02/07/2012
D2011-62 Final Order Zborovsky, Ilya Discipline 11/17/2011
D2011-64 Final Order Lane, Fred P. Discipline 02/08/2012
D2011-65 Final Order Malorzo, Thomas V. Discipline 02/22/2012
D2011-66 Final Order Dorny, Brett N. Discipline 06/21/2012
D2011-67 Final Order Bender, S. Michael Discipline 04/25/2013
D2012-01 Final Order Jaeger, Hugh D. Discipline 07/09/2012
D2012-02 Final Order Shippey, Karla Discipline 06/11/2012
D2012-03 Final Order Lewis Jr., Francis H. Discipline 06/21/2012
D2012-06 Final Order Chael, Mark L. Discipline 08/01/2012
D2012-07 Final Order Burkenroad, David Discipline 02/14/2012
D2012-08 Final Order Bivens, Jeffrey R. Discipline 06/13/2012
D2012-09 Final Order Scalia, Aaron J. Discipline 02/03/2012
D2012-11 Final Order Miller, Robert J. Discipline 03/13/2012
D2012-12 Final Order Gaudio, David P. Discipline 12/12/2012
D2012-14 Final Order Harrington, Christopher D. Discipline 04/18/2012
D2012-16 Final Order Berns, Michael A. Discipline 04/17/2012
D2012-17 Final Order Malveaux, David Discipline 06/22/2012
D2012-18 Final Order De Laurentis, Anthony J. Discipline 08/01/2012
D2012-19 Final Order Reardon, George R. Discipline 06/04/2012
D2012-20 Final Order Cipriani, Glen A. Discipline 04/11/2013
D2012-21 Final Decision Kang, Grant D. Discipline 11/26/2012
D2012-22 Final Order Massicotte, Michelle A. Discipline 05/16/2012
D2012-23 Final Order Walters, Bambi Discipline 11/15/2012
D2012-24 Final Decision Kang, Grant D. Discipline 11/26/2012
D2012-25 Final Decision Greiner, Stephen R. Discipline 10/18/2012
D2012-26 Final Order Mansfield, Heather L. Discipline 08/02/2012
D2012-28 Final Order Gibson, Richard H. Discipline 10/04/2012
D2012-29 Final Decision Jaeger, Hugh D. Discipline 02/06/2013
D2012-30 Final Order Tachner, Leonard Discipline 04/12/2013
D2012-31 Final Order Starkweather, Michael W Discipline 08/26/2013
D2012-32 Final Order Frantz, Keith E. Discipline 03/05/2013
D2012-33 Final Order Tholstrup, Richard J. Discipline 11/15/2012
D2012-34 Final Order Robinson, Stephen R. Discipline 06/11/2013
D2013-01 Interim Suspension Chae, Richard Discipline 06/03/2013
D2013-01 Final Decision Chae, Richard Discipline 10/21/2013
D2013-03 Final Order Stretch, Maureen L. Discipline 07/29/2013
D2013-04 Final Decision Riley, James H., II Discipline 07/09/2013
D2013-05 Final Order Lehat, Steven Bruce Discipline 02/21/2013
D2013-06 Final Order Gortler, Hugh P. Discipline 05/08/2013
D2013-07 Final Decision Lane, Fred P. Discipline 03/11/2014
D2013-08 Initial Decision Laczko, Frank L Discipline 02/04/2014
D2013-08 Final Order Laczko, Frank L Discipline 12/01/2014
D2013-09 Final Order Graham, Kenneth R. Discipline 07/17/2013
D2013-10 Final Order Usher, Arthur J., IV Discipline 12/20/2013
D2013-11 Final Order Hicks, James B. Discipline 09/10/2013
D2013-12 Final Order Brufsky, Allen D. Discipline 02/04/2014
D2013-13 Final Decision Sheasby, Robert H. Discipline 12/31/2013
D2013-14 Final Order Castle, Kristin C. Discipline 01/08/2014
D2013-15 Final Order Faro, John H. Discipline 11/15/2013
D2013-16 Final Order Gozlan, Audi Discipline 01/30/2014
D2013-17 Final Order Tendler, Robert K. Discipline 01/08/2014
D2013-18 Final Order Brufsky, Allen D. Discipline 06/23/2014
D2013-19 Final Order York, Olen L. Discipline 11/18/2013
D2013-20 Final Decision Schachter, Robert Discipline 01/28/2014
D2013-21 Final Decision Muhammad, Michael A. Discipline 01/28/2014
D2013-22 Final Decision Ivey, James D. Discipline 03/07/2014
D2013-23 Interim Suspension Fuller, Darrell N. Discipline 12/20/2013
D2013-23 Final Order Fuller, Darrell N. Discipline 03/12/2014
D2014-01 Final Decision Cepican, John E. Discipline 05/22/2014
D2014-02 Final Order Caracappa, John M. Discipline 01/10/2014
D2014-05 Final Order Anonymous Discipline 04/01/2014
D2014-06 Final Decision Worrel, Rodney K. Discipline 07/07/2014
D2014-08 Final Decision Schroeder, Andrew Y. Discipline 05/18/2015
D2014-09 Final Order Ramos, Timothy A. Discipline 07/28/2014
D2014-10 Final Order Goldstein, Kevin W. Discipline 03/31/2014
D2014-11 Final Decision Campbell, Kenneth Paul Discipline 04/29/2014
D2014-12 Initial Decision Johnson, Stacy Quinn (a.k.a. Johnson, S. Quinn) Discipline 12/31/2014
D2014-12 Final Order Johnson, Stacy Quinn (a.k.a. Johnson, S. Quinn) Discipline 02/11/2015
D2014-13 Final Order Druce, Tracy W. Discipline 09/05/2014
D2014-14 Initial Decision Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 04/24/2015
D2014-14 Final Order Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 03/04/2016
D2014-14 Order on Reconsideration Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 05/18/2016
D2014-15 Initial Decision Stecewycz, Joseph Discipline 04/27/2015
D2014-15 Final Order Stecewycz, Joseph Discipline 05/05/2016
D2014-15 Order on Reconsideration Stecewycz, Joseph Discipline 01/17/2017
D2014-16 Final Order Pippenger, Phillip M., Jr. Discipline 07/15/2014
D2014-18 Final Order Shaffer, Gary L. Discipline 07/31/2014
D2014-20 Final Order Plache, David C. Discipline 09/24/2014
D2014-21 Final Order Huntley, Donald W. Discipline 07/22/2014
D2014-22 Final Order Tachner, Leonard Discipline 06/30/2014
D2014-23 Final Order Hultquist, Steven J. Discipline 12/09/2014
D2014-25 Final Order Haigh, Christopher E. Discipline 04/22/2015
D2014-26 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Spriegel, Andrew R. Other 10/16/2014
D2014-27 Final Order Haley, Jeffrey T. Discipline 12/31/2014
D2014-29 Final Order Radanovic, Lawrence Discipline 12/16/2014
D2014-30 Interim Suspension Bohanek, Robert M. Discipline 08/19/2014
D2014-30 Final Order Bohanek, Robert Michael Discipline 12/22/2014
D2014-31 Initial Decision Shia, Bang-er Discipline 04/22/2015
D2014-31 Final Order Shia, Bang-er Discipline 03/04/2016
D2014-31 Order on Reconsideration Shia, Bang-er Discipline 08/01/2016
D2014-32 Final Order Klima, Timothy J. Discipline 11/12/2014
D2014-33 Final Order Donrad, Sean Discipline 09/09/2014
D2014-34 Final Order Persaud, Christopher L. Discipline 03/31/2016
D2014-35 Final Order Webb, Glenn L. Discipline 03/13/2015
D2014-36 Final Order Li, Feng Discipline 04/28/2015
D2014-37 Final Order McCoy, Michael G. Discipline 03/17/2015
D2014-38 Final Order Meschkow, Jordan M. Discipline 02/13/2015
D2014-39 Final Order Fortin, Kevin H. Discipline 12/09/2014
D2014-41 Final Decision Hill, David M. Discipline 02/19/2015
D2015-01 Final Order Pham, Andrew T. Discipline 02/25/2015
D2015-02 Final Order Moss, David V. Discipline 12/10/2014
D2015-03 Final Order Nace, Barry J. Discipline 09/08/2015
D2015-04 Final Order Oskin, David N. Discipline 12/12/2014
D2015-05 Final Order Nguyen, Quincy J. Discipline 04/09/2015
D2015-06 Initial Decision Piccone, Louis A. Discipline 06/16/2016
D2015-06 Final Order Piccone, Louis A. Discipline 05/25/2017
D2015-06 Order on Reconsideration Piccone, Louis A. Discipline 02/09/2018
D2015-07 Interim Suspension Raffle, John T. Discipline 05/14/2015
D2015-07 Final Decision Raffle, John T. Discipline 08/31/2015
D2015-08 Final Decision Fuess, William C. Discipline 07/21/2017
D2015-09 Final Decision Stecewycz, Joseph Discipline 12/16/2015
D2015-10 Final Order Chaganti, Naren Discipline 08/04/2015
D2015-11 Final Order Polidi, Richard Z. Discipline 07/14/2015
D2015-12 Final Order Cohen, Charles E. Discipline 04/17/2015
D2015-13 Final Order Blackowicz, Jeremy U. Discipline 05/11/2015
D2015-14 Final Order Newman, David B. Discipline 11/12/2015
D2015-15 Final Order Guttenberg, Gary Discipline 03/09/2015
D2015-16 Final Order Neeser, Jason A. Discipline 03/09/2015
D2015-17 Final Order Hanagami, Steven S. Discipline 03/17/2015
D2015-18 Final Order Jones, Wendell Jamon Discipline 05/15/2015
D2015-19 Final Order Throne, Jason T. Discipline 04/22/2015
D2015-20 Final Order Denenberg, David W. Discipline 03/24/2015
D2015-21 Final Order Levine, Paul S. Discipline 08/01/2016
D2015-22 Final Order Leitich, Greg H. Discipline 06/15/2015
D2015-23 Final Order Dao, Nam D. Discipline 05/15/2015
D2015-24 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Rader, Ralph T. Other 05/18/2016
D2015-25 Final Order Hoekendijk, Jens E. Discipline 07/24/2015
D2015-26 Final Order Reali, Jon C. Discipline 12/18/2015
D2015-27 Initial Decision Faro, John H. Discipline 09/15/2016
D2015-27 Final Order Faro, John H. Discipline 08/02/2017
D2015-27 Order on Reconsideration Faro, John H. Discipline 02/09/2018
D2015-28 Final Order Allenbaugh, Mark Howard Discipline 09/01/2015
D2015-29 Final Order King, Jeffrey J. Discipline 05/26/2015
D2015-30 Final Order Fickler, Debra Jean Discipline 10/07/2015
D2015-31 Final Order Hopkins, Mark A. Discipline 01/12/2016
D2015-32 Final Order Yong, Hock Loon Discipline 08/21/2015
D2015-33 Final Decision Myers, Joel D. Discipline 12/31/2015
D2015-35 Final Decision Stewart, Alan R. Discipline 12/16/2015
D2015-36 Interim Suspension Hefner, Jerry L. Discipline 10/12/2016
D2015-36, D2016-21 Final Decision Hefner, Jerry L. Discipline 03/23/2017
D2015-37 Final Order Caracappa, David N. Discipline 01/05/2016
D2015-38 Final Decision Schwedler, Carl J. Discipline 03/21/2016
D2016-01 Final Order Denison, JoAnne Marie Discipline 02/07/2017
D2016-01 Order on Reconsideration Denison, JoAnne Marie Discipline 10/25/2017
D2016-02 Final Order Schulman, Jerry A. Discipline 04/13/2016
D2016-03 Final Order Tambolini, Walter P. Discipline 05/09/2016
D2016-04 Final Decision Flindt, Kyle H. Discipline 08/04/2017
D2016-05 Final Order Etkin, Edward Discipline 01/08/2016
D2016-06 Final Order Oberding, Juliet M. Discipline 02/12/2016
D2016-07 Final Order Nair, Gouri G. Discipline 06/30/2016
D2016-08 Final Decision Warnock, Russell W. Discipline 04/22/2016
D2016-09 Final Decision Frayne, Clifford G. Discipline 06/17/2016
D2016-10 Final Decision Kleinsmith, David F. Discipline 11/05/2019
D2016-11 Final Order Moore, Rodger W. Discipline 03/16/2016
D2016-13 Final Order Ekstrand, Roy A. Discipline 03/14/2016
D2016-15 Final Order Gibbons, Paul C. Discipline 04/29/2016
D2016-16 Final Decision Coyle, Ian P. Discipline 07/27/2016
D2016-17 Final Order Dhand, Sanjeev Kumar Discipline 11/16/2016
D2016-18 Final Order Beers, Everitt George Discipline 06/10/2016
D2016-19 Final Order Good, Tamara Renee Discipline 07/11/2016
D2016-20 Final Order Swyers, Matthew H. Discipline 01/26/2017
D2016-21 Interim Suspension Hefner, Jerry L. Discipline 08/11/2016
D2016-22 Final Order Franczyk, John Anthony Discipline 12/05/2016
D2016-23 Initial Decision Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 04/10/2017
D2016-23 Final Order Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 12/11/2017
D2016-24 Final Order Zitnick, Kara Jane Jensen Discipline 12/07/2016
D2016-25 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Davis, Chelsea L. Other 08/09/2016
D2016-26 Final Order Thorpe, Charlena L. Discipline 09/07/2016
D2016-27 Final Order Lahser, Andrew P. Discipline 06/03/2016
D2016-27 Final Order Lahser, Andrew P. Discipline 06/10/2016
D2016-28 Final Order Vyas, Shekhar Discipline 08/01/2016
D2016-29 Final Order Dubal, Siddharth G. Discipline 07/11/2016
D2016-31 Final Order Mahalek, David J. Discipline 01/27/2017
D2016-32 Final Order Alia, Drew Discipline 03/03/2017
D2016-33 Final Decision Halvorson, Kristofer E. Discipline 10/12/2016
D2016-34 Final Order Lech, Robert R. Discipline 10/03/2016
D2016-35 Final Order Terzo, Joseph C. Discipline 11/02/2016
D2016-36 Final Order Larson, Karl L. Discipline 09/01/2016
D2016-37 Final Decision Lau, Kawai Discipline 05/01/2017
D2016-38 Final Order Reed, Gregory J. Discipline 02/15/2017
D2016-39 Final Order Laux, Tara K. Discipline 03/09/2017
D2016-40 Final Order Ross, Brandon D. Discipline 05/05/2017
D2017-01 Final Order Halvorson, Kristofer E. Discipline 01/10/2017
D2017-02 Final Order Gray, Robert W., Sr. Discipline 02/22/2017
D2017-03 Final Order Tran, Tina Discipline 05/22/2017
D2017-04 Final Order Perez Guerrero, Arturo Discipline 01/06/2017
D2017-05 Final Order Hefner, Jerry L. Discipline 05/17/2017
D2017-06,D2017-21 Final Order Walter, Alexander D. Discipline 08/21/2017
D2017-07 Final Order Cohen, Matthew I. Discipline 07/12/2017
D2017-08 Final Order Allenbaugh, Mark H. Discipline 07/21/2017
D2017-09 Final Order Harrington, James M. Discipline 04/11/2017
D2017-11 Final Order Haynes, Jerry D. Discipline 02/14/2020
D2017-12 Final Order Ramberg, Jeffrey R. Discipline 02/14/2017
D2017-13 Final Order Lola, David J. Discipline 09/28/2017
D2017-14 Final Order Virga, Philip T. Discipline 03/16/2017
D2017-16 Final Decision Fuess, William C. Discipline 07/30/2018
D2017-17 Final Order Van Gilder, Derek R. Discipline 08/01/2017
D2017-18 Final Order Mikhailova, Marina V. Discipline 06/16/2017
D2017-19 Final Order Nair, Gouri G. Discipline 09/15/2017
D2017-20 Final Order McLaughlin, James F. Discipline 11/15/2017
D2017-22 Final Order Schloff, Jay M. Discipline 07/21/2017
D2017-24 Initial Decision Achterhof, Kley Discipline 12/11/2018
D2017-24 Final Order Achterhof, Kley Discipline 11/18/2019
D2017-25 Final Decision Morishita, Robert Ryan Discipline 09/28/2018
D2017-26 Final Order Naeckel, Arno T. Discipline 05/17/2018
D2017-27 Final Order Amberly, Vincent Mark Discipline 07/21/2017
D2017-28 Final Order Deal, David Robert Discipline 03/05/2018
D2017-29 Final Order Wall, Justin R. Discipline 02/09/2018
D2017-30 Final Order Crawford, Douglas James Discipline 01/25/2018
D2017-31 Final Order Roddy, Kenneth A. Discipline 09/27/2017
D2017-32 Final Order Rice, Shawn G. Discipline 01/05/2018
D2018-01 Final Order Gerhardt, Michael D. Discipline 04/12/2018
D2018-02 Final Order Montgomery, Robert C. Discipline 01/10/2018
D2018-03 Final Order Long, Kevin Gang Discipline 03/06/2018
D2018-04 Final Order Walker, Darcell Discipline 03/23/2018
D2018-05 Final Order Martyniuk, Andrew O. Discipline 05/25/2018
D2018-06 Final Order Bruemmer, Florence Discipline 10/02/2018
D2018-07 Final Decision Walpert, Gary Discipline 06/14/2019
D2018-07 Final Order Walpert, Gary Discipline 01/19/2021
D2018-07 Order on Reconsideration Walpert, Gary Discipline 04/29/2021
D2018-08 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Mutic, Sanjin Other 05/31/2018
D2018-09 Final Order Callister, Jonathan C. Discipline 02/23/2018
D2018-11 Final Order Breines, Andrew S. Discipline 05/02/2018
D2018-12 Initial Decision Correll, Kevin P. Discipline 10/03/2019
D2018-12 Final Order Correll, Kevin P. Discipline 02/04/2021
D2018-12 Final Order Correll, Kevin P. Discipline 07/26/2021
D2018-13 Final Order Willey, Bruce A. Discipline 03/23/2018
D2018-14 Final Order Anderson, Evan G. Discipline 05/25/2018
D2018-16 Final Order Jew, Leon E. Discipline 03/23/2018
D2018-17 Final Order Powers, James A. Discipline 05/25/2018
D2018-18 Final Order Belair, Varen C. Discipline 07/24/2018
D2018-19 Final Order McNeely, Kevin J. Discipline 04/13/2018
D2018-21 Final Order Levenda, Mark A. Discipline 02/27/2018
D2018-22 Final Decision Cherdak, Erik B. Discipline 12/21/2023
D2018-23, D2018-32 Final Order Ho, Raymond J. Discipline 05/02/2018
D2018-24 Final Order Hulsey, William N., III Discipline 05/21/2018
D2018-25 Final Order Ibrahim, Ihab A. Discipline 07/26/2018
D2018-26 Final Order Shanaberger, William G. Discipline 05/29/2018
D2018-27 Final Order Chow, Ming Discipline 04/30/2019
D2018-28 Final Order McGeehan, Christopher J. Discipline 08/08/2018
D2018-29 Interim Suspension Mitchell, Christopher Paul Discipline 07/31/2018
D2018-29 Final Order Mitchell, Christopher Paul Discipline 11/16/2018
D2018-30, D2018-40 Final Order Scher, David Discipline 07/18/2018
D2018-31 & D2018-47 Final Order Crabtree, Travis S. Discipline 04/25/2019
D2018-33 Final Order Druan, Thomas J. Discipline 08/22/2018
D2018-34 Interim Suspension Glazer, Jeffrey A. Discipline 05/30/2019
D2018-34 Final Decision Glazer, Jeffrey A. Discipline 03/04/2020
D2018-35 Final Order Wold, Edwin Discipline 09/20/2018
D2018-37 Final Order Bernacchi, Doug Allen Discipline 03/29/2019
D2018-38 Final Order Morishita, Robert Ryan Discipline 01/23/2019
D2018-39 Final Order Lindon, James L. Discipline 11/19/2019
D2018-41 Final Order Buenaventura, Joel Miranda Discipline 10/03/2018
D2018-42 Final Order Williams, Lenise R. Discipline 11/07/2018
D2018-43 Final Order Mays, Natalie D. Discipline 07/24/2019
D2018-44 Final Order Starkweather, Michael W. Discipline 10/17/2019
D2018-45 Final Order Swyers, Matthew H. Discipline 01/22/2021
D2018-46 Final Order Essien, Michael A. Discipline 10/02/2018
D2018-48 Final Decision Whitney, Thomas J. Discipline 03/14/2019
D2018-49 Final Order Ries, Michael J. Discipline 12/19/2018
D2018-50 Final Order Lang, Wesley M. Discipline 03/05/2019
D2019-01 Final Order Trembly, Kent J. Discipline 05/13/2019
D2019-02 Final Order Schroeder, Andrew Y. Discipline 03/05/2019
D2019-03 Initial Decision Anderson, Amy Sommer Discipline 07/01/2019
D2019-04 Final Order Spradley, Michael S. Discipline 12/14/2018
D2019-06 Final Order Nguyen, Joseph A. Discipline 03/14/2019
D2019-07 Final Order Amberly, Vincent Mark Discipline 05/22/2019
D2019-08 Final Order Baker, James Michael Discipline 08/08/2019
D2019-09 Final Order Faro, John H. Discipline 02/21/2020
D2019-10 Final Decision Halling, Dale B. Discipline 06/13/2019
D2019-11 Final Decision Mar, Anita Discipline 08/02/2019
D2019-12 Final Decision Stevenson, Tarley G. Discipline 12/13/2019
D2019-13 Final Order Jama, Isaak R. Discipline 04/15/2019
D2019-14 Final Order Wright, Cynthia R. Discipline 08/02/2019
D2019-15 Final Decision Kroll, Michael I. Discipline 04/05/2021
D2019-16 Final Decision Hamill, Mark A. Discipline 11/04/2019
D2019-17 Final Order Meikle, Reyner Discipline 03/21/2019
D2019-18 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Qin, Fei Other 09/25/2019
D2019-19 Final Order Qin, Fei Discipline 09/25/2019
D2019-20 Final Order Lord, Nancy T. Discipline 10/23/2019
D2019-21 Final Order Okuley, John Joseph Discipline 08/05/2019
D2019-22 Final Order Ekse, Mark Allan Discipline 03/07/2019
D2019-23 Final Order Williams, Lenise R. Discipline 09/20/2019
D2019-25 Final Order Randazza, Marc J. Discipline 07/23/2019
D2019-26 Final Order Wiklof, Christopher A. Discipline 04/19/2019
D2019-27 Final Order Sicklinger, Todd Clifford Discipline 07/31/2019
D2019-28 Final Order Barns, Stephen Wallace Discipline 08/05/2019
D2019-29 Final Order Anderson, Christopher C. Discipline 01/06/2020
D2019-30 Final Order Rajan, Renuka Discipline 09/05/2019
D2019-31 Final Order Sapp, Heather A. Discipline 05/15/2019
D2019-32 Final Order Saunders, Amber C. Discipline 07/24/2019
D2019-33 Final Order Sweeney, Deborah S. Discipline 06/19/2019
D2019-34 Interim Suspension Schulman, Robert M. Discipline 08/16/2019
D2019-34 Final Order Schulman, Robert M. Discipline 03/19/2020
D2019-35 Final Order Thompson, Leslie A. Discipline 08/23/2019
D2019-36 Final Decision Goucher, Tyler R. Discipline 02/05/2020
D2019-37 Final Decision Martinez, Greg L. Discipline 02/15/2022
D2019-39 Initial Decision Pasquine, Elizabeth Discipline 08/13/2021
D2019-39 Final Order Pasquine, Elizabeth Discipline 03/28/2022
D2019-42 Initial Decision Bethell, Ryan A. Discipline 11/20/2023
D2019-42 Final Order Bethell, Ryan A. Discipline 01/27/2024
D2019-43 Final Decision Schindler, Edwin D. Discipline 09/23/2021
D2019-43 Final Order Schindler, Edwin D. Discipline 12/05/2023
D2019-43 Order on Motion for Leave to File a Reply Schindler, Edwin D. Discipline 01/08/2024
D2019-43 Order on Renewed Motion Schindler, Edwin D. Discipline 01/18/2024
D2019-43 Final Order on Reconsideration Schindler, Edwin D. Discipline 01/18/2024
D2019-44 Final Decision Swayze, Jr., Wilson Daniel Discipline 08/24/2023
D2019-45 Final Order Stewart, Michael D. Discipline 07/03/2019
D2019-47 Final Order Haynes, Jerry D. Discipline 10/02/2020
D2019-48 Final Order Gitler, Stewart L. Discipline 08/11/2020
D2019-49 Final Order Furtado, David J. Discipline 09/20/2019
D2019-50 Final Order Caraco, Thomas Carwin Discipline 09/12/2019
D2019-51 Final Order Copier, F. Chad. Discipline 12/18/2019
D2019-52 Final Order Davis, Tyrone. Discipline 03/24/2020
D2019-53 Final Order Brinza, Daniel L. Discipline 12/16/2019
D2019-54 Final Order Herron II, David E. Discipline 12/13/2019
D2019-55 Final Order O'Hara, Polly D. Discipline 06/03/2020
D2019-56 Final Decision Gilboy, Rachel E. Discipline 07/20/2020
D2020-01 Final Order Hyde, William Ray Discipline 01/17/2020
D2020-04 Final Order Blank, Richard M. Discipline 04/01/2020
D2020-05 Final Order Bradley, Joyce D. Discipline 02/28/2020
D2020-06 Final Order Halvorson, Kristofer E. Discipline 02/28/2020
D2020-07 Final Order Khullar, Divya Discipline 12/22/2020
D2020-08 Final Order Sutter, Gary M. Discipline 02/26/2020
D2020-09 Final Order Bashtanyk, Jamie Discipline 04/17/2020
D2020-10 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Harper, Wayne V. Other 10/02/2020
D2020-11 Interim Suspension Castiglione, John R. Discipline 05/06/2020
D2020-11 Final Decision Castiglione, John R. Discipline 11/25/2020
D2020-12 Final Order Caldwell II, Charles M. Discipline 03/17/2020
D2020-13 Final Order Moore, Rodger W. Discipline 09/29/2020
D2020-15 Final Order Ries, Michael John Discipline 01/22/2021
D2020-17 Final Order Brantley, Larry W. Discipline 04/11/2023
D2020-18 Final Order Gray, Robert W. Discipline 03/30/2020
D2020-19 Final Decision Valadares, Mervyn J. Discipline 11/20/2020
D2020-22 Final Order May, Prescott W. Discipline 07/16/2020
D2020-23 Final Order Feuerborn, Arthur M. Discipline 12/21/2020
D2020-24 Final Order Gibson, John E. Discipline 05/18/2020
D2020-25 Final Decision Iussa, Robert A. Discipline 11/02/2020
D2020-26 Final Order Friederichs III, Norman P. Discipline 03/22/2021
D2020-27 Final Order Amaya, Edmar M. Discipline 10/26/2020
D2020-28 Final Order Khaliq, Imran A. Discipline 03/31/2021
D2020-29 Final Decision Chirnomas, Morton Discipline 04/29/2021
D2020-30 Final Decision Mincov, Andrei Discipline 08/23/2021
D2020-31 Final Decision Vieira, Erik M. Discipline 04/20/2021
D2021-02 Final Order Wettermann, Thomas E. Discipline 02/16/2021
D2021-04 Final Order Lou, Yiheng Discipline 05/12/2021
D2021-05 Final Order Eure, Ruth Discipline 05/05/2021
D2021-06 Final Order Rheinstein, Jason E. Discipline 07/22/2022
D2021-07 Final Order Livingston, Edward Michael Discipline 09/16/2021
D2021-08 Final Order David, Bennett C. Discipline 09/24/2021
D2021-09 Final Order Alspaugh, Eric B. Discipline 11/09/2021
D2021-10 Final Order Hom, Tony C. Discipline 12/17/2021
D2021-11 Final Order Yang, Elizabeth Discipline 12/17/2021
D2021-12 Final Order Berri, Samir Discipline 02/17/2022
D2021-13 Final Order Reddy, Devasena Discipline 09/09/2021
D2021-14 Final Order Hao, Kathy Q. Discipline 04/27/2022
D2021-16 Final Order Li, Di Discipline 10/07/2021
D2021-17 Amended Final Order Johnson, Chauncey B. Discipline 08/09/2022
D2022-01 Final Order Kardian, David P. Discipline 12/08/2021
D2022-02 Final Order Wisz, David Leonard Discipline 05/23/2022
D2022-03 Final Decision Liu, Daoyou Tim Discipline 08/09/2022
D2022-04 Final Order Wan, Yi Discipline 04/11/2022
D2022-06 Final Order Maffeo, Daniel M. Discipline 04/01/2022
D2022-06 Final Order Maffeo, Daniel M. Discipline 09/30/2022
D2022-07 Final Order Morton, Jonathan G. Discipline 04/20/2022
D2022-08 Final Order Okuley, John J. Discipline 09/19/2022
D2022-09 Final Order Birnbaum, Jaeson L. Discipline 03/04/2022
D2022-10 Final Order Linden, Gerald E. Discipline 04/15/2022
D2022-11 Final Order Weber, Henry A. Discipline 08/01/2022
D2022-12 Final Order Djiba, Pape Malick Indiss Discipline 04/07/2022
D2022-13 Final Order Graham, Mark S. Discipline 08/12/2022
D2022-14 Final Order Smith, Timothy Guy Discipline 07/12/2022
D2022-15 Final Order Lashley, Basil V. Discipline 06/08/2022
D2022-16 Final Order Zhang, Weibo Discipline 07/11/2022
D2022-17 Final Order Essien, Michael Anietie Discipline 09/09/2022
D2022-18 Final Order Evans, Jake Preston Discipline 08/26/2022
D2022-19 Final Order Rosin, Kevin R. Discipline 08/23/2022
D2022-20 Final Order Caplan, David O. Discipline 11/08/2022
D2022-21 Final Decision Von Tersch, Glenn E. Discipline 10/31/2023
D2022-22 Final Decision Keller, Michael J. Discipline 4/23/2023
D2022-23 Final Order Han, Zhihua Discipline 01/06/2023
D2022-24 Order on Reconsideration Bhardwaj, Sanjay Discipline 06/23/2023
D2022-24 Final Order Bhardwaj, Sanjay Discipline 04/11/2023
D2022-25 Final Order Jensen, Dale Reese Discipline 06/12/2023
D2022-26 Final Order Cann, Ryan J. Discipline 01/06/2023
D2022-27 Final Decision Aquilla, Thomas Tracy Discipline 01/27/2023
D2023-01 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Pizarro, Ramon L. Discipline 07/19/2023
D2023-02 Final Order Duncan, Sandon M. Discipline 11/22/2022
D2023-03 Final Order Salang, Jesus D. Discipline 03/29/2023
D2023-04 Final Order Cherdak, Erik B. Discipline 03/16/2023
D2023-05 Final Order Hiller, Zachary R. Discipline 02/24/2023
D2023-06 Final Order Ray, Timothy David Discipline 06/02/2023
D2023-07 Final Order Bahadori, Amid T. Discipline 09/13/2023
D2023-08 Final Order Chew, Raymond Discipline 01/20/2023
D2023-09 Final Order Zhu, Kai Discipline 05/15/2023
D2023-10 Final Order Song, Jingfeng Discipline 05/01/2023
D2023-12 Final Order Wiltz, Jervan S. Discipline 06/01/2023
D2023-13 Final Order Brown, Joseph T. Discipline 09/13/2023
D2023-14 Final Order Fleming II, John D. Discipline 05/03/2023
D2023-16 Order on Reconsideration Locke, Wendell Terry Discipline 09/15/2023
D2023-16 Final Order Locke, Wendell Terry Discipline 08/24/2023
D2023-19 Amended Final Order Li, Jinggao Discipline 04/19/2023
D2023-20 Final Order Kvam, Erik Discipline 06/03/2024
D2023-21 Final Order Nazareth, Jude Discipline 01/16/2024
D2023-22 Final Order McNally, Tung-Yun Discipline 04/07/2023
D2023-23 Final Order (Disability Inactive) Edmondson, David J. Discipline 10/03/2023
D2023-24 Final Order Wu, Qianqian Discipline 04/07/2023
D2023-25 Final Order Kanakia, Rumit R. Discipline 05/08/2023
D2023-26 Final Order Crosby, John W. Discipline 11/02/2023
D2023-27 Final Order Carter, Jehan A. Discipline 01/03/2024
D2023-28 Final Order Gallagher, Kevin R. Discipline 06/23/2023
D2023-30 Final Order Babcock, Andrew D. Discipline 09/18/2023
D2023-32 Final Order Niu, Yue Discipline 01/03/2024
D2023-33 Final Order Jabbour, Puja Discipline 09/06/2023
D2023-34 Final Order McPherson, Shevelle Discipline 12/11/2023
D2023-35 Final Order Haffner, Julian Arnold Discipline 05/21/2024
D2023-36 Final Order Honey, Kalab A. Discipline 10/16/2023
D2023-37 Final Order Huang, Grace Lee Discipline 01/08/2024
D2023-38 Final Order Wang, Jing Discipline 11/21/2023
D2024-01 Final Order Chen, Che-Yang Discipline 03/20/2024
D2024-03 Final Order Keller, Kelley C. Discipline 06/03/2024
D2024-04 Final Order Yang, Jie Discipline 02/02/2024
D2024-05 Final Order Miller, Daniel Joseph Discipline 02/21/2024
D2024-07 Final Order Koh, Francis Huisuk Discipline 02/07/2024
D2024-11 Final Order Oldham, Harrison B. Discipline 05/29/2024
Fee_01 -- -- Fees 07/23/1999
Fee_02 -- -- Fees 12/10/1999
Fee_03 -- -- Fees 07/14/1999
Fee_04 -- -- Fees 07/22/1999
Fee_05 -- -- Fees 09/29/1999
Fee_06 -- -- Fees 09/29/1999
Fee_07 -- -- Fees 10/14/1999
Fee_08 -- -- Fees 11/02/1999
Fee_09 -- -- Fees 02/03/2000
Fee_10 -- -- Fees 02/07/2000
Fee_11 -- -- Fees 02/16/2000
Fee_12 -- -- Fees 04/15/2000
Fee_13 -- -- Fees 08/27/2001
Legal_01 -- -- Legal 01/14/1999
Legal_02 -- -- Legal 11/15/1999
Legal_03 -- -- Legal 11/15/1999
Legal_04 -- -- Legal 12/09/1999
Legal_05 -- -- Legal 08/24/1999
Legal_06 -- -- Legal 10/22/1999
Legal_07 -- -- Legal 11/02/1999
Legal_08 -- -- Legal 05/03/2001
Legal_09 -- -- Legal 01/02/2002
Legal_10 -- -- Legal 01/02/2002
Legal_11 -- -- Legal 05/09/2003
Legal_12 -- -- Legal 09/26/2007
Legal_13 -- -- Legal 05/18/2009
Legal_14 -- -- Legal 05/06/2009
Moral_01 -- -- Moral 01/01/1999
Moral_02 -- -- Moral 11/29/2007
Moral_03 -- -- Moral 05/03/2001
Moral_04 -- -- Moral 04/11/2003
Moral_05 -- -- Moral 09/03/2003
Moral_06 -- -- Moral 03/01/2007
Moral_07 -- -- Moral 05/18/2007
Moral_08 -- -- Moral 09/26/2007
Moral_09 -- -- Moral 04/01/2008
Moral_10 -- -- Moral 04/03/2008
Moral_11 -- -- Moral 05/28/2008
Moral_12 -- -- Moral 07/16/2008
Moral_13 -- -- Moral 02/09/2009
Moral_14 -- -- Moral 02/13/2009
Moral_15 -- -- Moral 03/17/2009
Moral_16 -- -- Moral 07/15/2009
Moral_17 -- -- Moral 07/23/2009
Moral_18 -- -- Moral 12/03/2009
Moral_19 -- -- Moral 08/07/2009
Moral_20 -- -- Moral 03/26/2010
Moral_21 -- -- Moral 07/17/2013
R_01 -- -- Reinstatement 11/06/1996
R_02 -- -- Reinstatement 01/28/1999
R_03 -- -- Reinstatement 03/29/1999
R_04 -- -- Reinstatement 07/14/1999
R_05 -- -- Reinstatement 06/05/2000
R_06 -- -- Reinstatement 08/08/2000
R_07 -- -- Reinstatement 04/05/2002
R_08 -- -- Reinstatement 05/12/2004
R_09 -- -- Reinstatement 12/19/2007
R_10 -- -- Reinstatement 04/16/2008
R_11 -- -- Reinstatement 10/21/2008
R_12 -- -- Reinstatement 03/31/2009
R_13 Decision on Petition Massicotte, Michelle A. Reinstatement 12/04/2012
R_14 Decision on Petition Basrai, Aziz (formely Hunaid) Reinstatement 06/18/2013
R_15 Decision on Petition Tricarico, Dean J. Reinstatement 07/07/2014
R_16 Decision on Petition Pippenger, Phillip M. Reinstatement 04/30/2015
R_17 Decision on Petition Blackowicz, Jeremy U. Reinstatement 06/30/2015
R_18 Decision on Petition Cohen, Charles Ellis Reinstatement 07/15/2015
R_19 Decision on Petition Castle, Kristin C. Reinstatement 12/03/2015
R_20 Decision on Petition Hoekendijk, Jens E. Reinstatement 01/07/2016
R_21 Decision on Petition Newman, David B. Reinstatement 01/21/2016
R_22 Decision on Petition Tendler, Robert K. Reinstatement 02/29/2016
R_23 Decision on Petition [Redacted] Reinstatement 03/08/2016
R_24 Decision on Petition Vyas, Shekhar Reinstatement 10/12/2016
R_25 Decision on Petition Larson, Karl L. Reinstatement 12/30/2016
R_26 Decision on Petition Lech, Robert R. Reinstatement 05/02/2017
R_27 Decision on Petition Beers, Everitt George Reinstatement 06/13/2017
R_28 Decision on Petition Lahser, Andrew P. Reinstatement 06/26/2017
R_29 Decision on Petition Perez-Guerrero, Arturo Reinstatement 05/10/2018
R_30 Decision on Petition Mahalek, David J. Reinstatement 11/21/2018
R_31 Decision on Petition Essien, Michael A. Reinstatement 02/01/2019
R_32 Decision on Petition Bohanek, Robert Michael Reinstatement 02/11/2019
R_33 Decision on Petition Mikhailova, Marina V. Reinstatement 05/06/2019
R_34 Decision on Petition Wiklof, Christopher A. Reinstatement 06/27/2019
R_35 Decision on Petition Fuller, Darrell N. Reinstatement 09/25/2019
R_36 Decision on Petition Chael, Mark L. Reinstatement 03/22/2013
R_37 Decision on Petition Colitz, Michael J. Jr. Reinstatement 08/01/2006
R_38 Decision on Petition Herring, Joseph C. Reinstatement 11/03/2003
R_39 Decision on Petition Kelber, Steven B. Reinstatement 02/05/2009
R_40 Decision on Petition Powers, Arlene J. Reinstatement 12/08/2011
R_41 Decision on Petition Ryznic, John E. Reinstatement 09/27/2007
R_42 Decision on Petition Schaefer, Kenneth R. Reinstatement 01/22/2008
R_43 Decision on Petition Spangler, Jeffrey T. Reinstatement 04/10/2008
R_44 Decision on Petition Ziegler, Thomas K. Reinstatement 07/24/2002
R_45 Decision on Petition Herron II, David E. Reinstatement 05/05/2020
R_46 Decision on Petition Mitchell, Christopher P. Reinstatement 05/13/2020
R_47 Decision on Petition Philip, Virga T. Reinstatement 12/08/2020
R_48 Decision on Petition Schulman, Robert M. Reinstatement 08/31/2021
R_49 Decision on Petition Oskin, David N. Reinstatement 03/24/2020
R_50 Decision on Petition Raffle, John T. Reinstatement 10/12/2021
R_51 Decision on Petition Alspaugh, Eric B. Reinstatement 12/28/2021
R_52 Decision on Petition Yang, Elizabeth Reinstatement 02/04/2022
R_53 Decision on Petition Zborovsky, Ilya Reinstatement 02/14/2022
R_54 Decision on Petition Saunders, Amber Cecile Reinstatement 04/01/2022
R_55 Decision on Petition Chow, Ming Reinstatement 06/15/2022
R_56 Decision on Petition Laux, Tara K. Reinstatement 07/04/2022
R_57 Decision on Petition Zhang, Weibo Reinstatement 11/28/2022
R_58 Decision on Petition Wold, Edwin Reinstatement 12/12/2022
R_59 Decision on Petition Wan, Yi Reinstatement 12/16/2022
R_60 Decision on Petition Duncan, Sandon Reinstatement 12/21/2022
R_61 Decision on Petition Maffeo, Daniel M. Reinstatement 03/06/2023
R_62 Decision on Petition Faro, John H. Reinstatement 03/21/2023
R_63 Decision on Petition Song, Jingfeng Reinstatement 06/16/2023
R_64 Decision on Petition Jensen, Dale Reese Reinstatement 11/14/2023
R_65 Decision on Petition Hiller, Zachary R. Reinstatement 12/01/2023
R_66 Decision on Petition Morton, Jonathan G. Reinstatement 04/22/2024
R_67 Decision on Petition Hom, Tony C. Reinstatement 04/23/2024
R_68 Decision on Petition Seto, Jeffrey K. Reinstatement 05/31/2024
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