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FOIA Documents

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issues decisions, almost every business day. The decisions come in two forms, precedential (higher value) and nonprecedential (lower value). Of the precedential decisions, the patent and trademark decisions by this Court are quite valuable to the IP community. Accordingly, Federal Circuit patent and trademark decisions are posted in this database and topics discussed in such decisions are recited.

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Federal Circuit Decisions of Interest
Docket Number Case Name Decision Date Topic Name
17-2381 Telefonaktiebolaget v. TCL 11/07/2019 Obviousness; Reference Accessibility; Teaching Away
18-2152 Liqwd v. L'Oreal USA 10/30/2019 Chemical Invention; Copying; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations
18-1691 Idenix v. Gilead Sciences 10/30/2019 Chemical Invention; Enablement; Written Description
18-2400 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft v. Sirius XM Radio 10/17/2019 Choice of Law; Contract; License
17-2149 HZNP Medicines v. Actavis Labs 10/10/2019 Indefiniteness; Induced Infringement; Obviousness
18-2356 B.E. Technology v. Facebook 10/09/2019 Costs; Prevailing Party
18-1925 OSI Pharmaceuticals v. Apotex 10/04/2019 Constitution; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success; Reference Disclosure
18-1763 American Axle v. Neapco Holdings 10/03/2019 Eligible Subject Matter
18-1151 Honeywell v. Arkema 10/01/2019 AIA; Certificate of Correction; PGR
18-2029 Campbell Soup v. Gamon Plus 09/26/2019 AIA; Design Patent; IPR; References
18-1635 SIPCO v. Emerson Electric 09/25/2019 CBM; Claim Construction; Eligible Subject Matter; Financial Product; Technological Invention
18-1616 Inspired Development Group v. Inspired Products Group 09/18/2019 Federal Patent Law; Jurisdiction; State Law
18-1849 Intra-Cellular Therapies v. Iancu 09/18/2019 Applicant Delay; Chevron; Patent Term Adjustment
18-2031 Mayo Foundation v. Iancu 09/16/2019 Continued Examination; Patent Term Adjustment
18-2214 Curver Luxembourg v. Home Expressions 09/12/2019 Article of Manufacture; Design Patent; Infringement; Prosecution History Estoppel
18-1596 Henny Penny v. Frymaster 09/12/2019 AIA; IPR; Nexus; Obviousness; Scope of Petition; Secondary Consideration Evidence
18-1367 Intellectual Ventures v. Capital One 09/10/2019 Antitrust; Collateral Estoppel
18-1700 Board of Regents v. Boston Scientific 09/05/2019 Collateral Order Doctrine; Jurisdiction; State Sovereign Immunity; Venue
19-1643 BioDelivery v. Aquestive 08/29/2019 AIA; Dismissal; IPR; Jurisdiction
18-2207 Allergan v. Sandoz 08/29/2019 Claim Construction; Wherein Clause
18-2042 Guangdong Alison v. ITC 08/27/2019 Anticipation; Indefiniteness; ITC; Obviousness
18-2103 Chamberlain Group v. Techtronic Indus. 08/21/2019 Anticipation; Eligible Subject Matter; New Trial Request
18-1584 Arthrex v. Smith & Nephew 08/21/2019 AIA; APA; Claim Construction; Constitutionality; IPR; New Ground; Obviousness; Waiver
19-1045 Anza v. Mushkin 08/16/2019 Amended Complaint; Applicable Law; Relation Back Doctrine
18-1758 MyMail v. ooVoo 08/16/2019 Eligible Subject Matter; Jurisdiction
18-1221 Nalpropion Pharm. v. Actavis Labs. 08/15/2019 ANDA; Chemical Compound; Motivation; Obviousness; Written Description
18-1804 Sanofi-Aventis v. Fresenius Kabi 08/14/2019 Case or Controversy; Chemical Compound; Declaratory Judgment; Disclaimer; Jurisdiction; Obviousness
18-1672 Swagway v. ITC 08/14/2019 Infringement; International Trade Commission; Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
18-1449 Iridescent Networks v. AT&T Mobility 08/12/2019 Claim Construction
17-2292 MTD Products v. Iancu 08/12/2019 AIA; Means Plus Function; IPR
18-2126 Eli Lilly v. Hospira 08/09/2019 Claim Construction; Doctrine of Equivalents; Infringement; Prosecution History Estoppel
18-2056 Genetic Veterinary v. Laboklin GBMH 08/09/2019 Eligible Subject Matter; Personal Jurisdiction
18-1922 ATEN v. Uniclass I 08/06/2019 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
18-1606 ATEN v. Uniclass II 08/06/2019 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Infringement; Jury Trial
18-1590 Ajinomoto v. ITC 08/06/2019 Biotechnology; Claim Construction; Infringement; ITC; Prosecution History Estoppel; Written Description
17-2057 Hylete v. Hybrid Athletics 08/01/2019 Trademark; Waiver
17-1591 VirnetX v. Apple 08/01/2019 Constitutionality; Estoppel; Final Decision; IP Reexamination; Statutory Construction; Time-Bar
19-1345 Solutran v. Elavon 07/30/2019 Alice Corp.; Eligibility
18-1167 Celgene v. Peter 07/30/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; Constitutionality; FDA; IPR; Obviousness; Retroactivity; Secondary Considerations
18-1993 Amgen v. Coherus BioSciences 07/29/2019 FDA Approval; Prosecution History Estoppel
18-1613 Automotive Body Parts v. Ford 07/23/2019 Design Patent; Exhaustion; Functionality; Infringement; Ornamental
18-2007 Samsung v. Infobridge 07/12/2019 AIA; IPR; Public Accessibility; Standing
17-2587 Indivior v. Dr. Reddy's Labs 07/12/2019 Claim Construction; Drug Composition; Indefiniteness; Infringement; Obviousness
17-2223 SRI Int'l v. Cisco Syst. 07/12/2019 Anticipation; Attorney Fees; Claim Construction; Eligible Subject Matter; Royalty; Willfulness
18-1806 Cisco v. TQ Delta 07/10/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR
18-1799 TQ Delta v. Dish Network 07/10/2019 AIA; APA; Claim Construction; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness
18-1779 Quake v. Lo 07/10/2019 Interference; Testimony; Written Description
17-2497 General Electric v. United Tech. 07/10/2019 AIA; Appellate Standing; Dismissal; IPR; Jurisdiction
18-1699 Westech v. 3M 07/05/2019 Attorney Fees; Dismissal; Frivolous; Sanctions; Venue
18-1426 Global IP Holdings 07/05/2019 Predictability; Written Description
17-2498 Enzo v. Roche 07/05/2019 Enablement; Unpredictability
18-1259 Kolcraft v. Graco 07/02/2019 Conception; Corroboration; Design Patent; Inventorship
18-1817 Cellspin v. Fitbit 06/25/2019 Attorney Fees; Eligible Subject Matter
18-1910 Elbit Syst. v. Hughes Network 06/25/2019 Attorney Fees; Damages; Exceptional Case; Infringement; Jurisdiction; Jury Trial
18-1397 UCB v. Watson Lab. 06/24/2019 Anticipation; Doctrine of Equivalents; Ensnarement; FDA; Obviousness; Prosecution History Estoppel
18-1593 Mayne Pharma v. Merck Sharp 06/21/2019 AIA; Amendment; Claim Construction; Estoppel; IPR; Real Party in Interest
18-1981 Game & Tech. v. Activision 06/21/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness
18-1765 Forum US v. Flow Valve 06/17/2019 Reissue; Summary Judgment; Written Description
17-2563 Hyosung TNS v. ITC 06/17/2019 Domestic Industry; International Trade Commission; Mootness; Obviousness
18-1559 U. of MN v. LSI Corp. 06/14/2019 AIA; IPR; State Sovereign Immunity
18-1607 Power Int. v. Semiconductor C. 06/13/2019 AIA; IPR; Statutory Construction; Time-bar Determination
17-2474 Samsung v. Elm 3DS 06/12/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success
18-1581 Lone Star v. Nanya Tech. 05/30/2019 Assignment; Joinder; Jurisdiction; Licensee; Ownership; Standing
18-1777 Papst Licensing v. Samsung 05/23/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Issue Preclusion; Obviousness; Reference Disclosure; Waiver - Below
18-1172 Sony v. Iancu 05/22/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Jurisdiction; Means-Plus-Function
17-2423 Quest Integrity v. Cokebusters 05/21/2019 Claim Construction; Declaration or Affidavit; On Sale; Summary Judgment
17-2473 Nuvo Pharm. v. Dr. Reddy's Lab 05/15/2019 Drug Patent; Evidence; Expert Witness; Written Description
19-1147 BTG v. Amneal 05/14/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations
18-1106 AVX v. Presidio 05/13/2019 AIA; Constitution; Dismissal; Estoppel; IPR; Jurisdiction; Standing
18-1434 Novartis v. West-Ward 05/13/2019 Motivation; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success
17-2579 Bradium Tech. v. Iancu 05/13/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness; Substantial Evidence; Teaching Away; Waiver
18-1551 Amgen v. Sandoz 05/08/2019 Biologics; Claim Construction; Doctrine of Equivalents; Infringement; Summary Judgment
18-1054 Endo Pharm. v. Actavis 05/03/2019 Chemical; Claim Construction; FDA; Obviousness
18-1657 ThermoLife Int'l v. GNC Corp. 05/01/2019 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
17-2323 Trading Technologies v. IBG 04/30/2019 AIA; Business Method; Eligible Subject Matter; Waiver - Blue Brief
18-1257 Neptune Generics v. Eli Lilly 04/26/2019 AIA; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations; Skepticism
18-1208 VersaTop v. Georgia Expo 04/19/2019 Infringement; Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark; Use in Commerce
17-2257 Trading Technologies v. IBG 04/18/2019 AIA; Business Method; Constitution; Eligible Subject Matter; Waiver - Blue Brief
17-2575 DuPont v. Unifrax 04/17/2019 Antedating A Reference; Anticipation; Claim Construction; Infringement; Jury Trial
16-2222 ATI Technologies v. Iancu 04/11/2019 AIA; Antedating A Reference; Declaration or Affidavit; Diligence; IPR
18-1077 Siny 04/10/2019 Goods; Specimen; Trademark; Use in Commerce
18-1309 Omega Patents v. CalAmp 04/08/2019 Claim Construction; Damages; Enhanced Damages; Induced Infringement; Infringement; Willfulness
17-2507 TEK Global v. SSI 03/29/2019 Claim Construction; Damages; Infringement; New Trial; Preliminary Injunction
18-1739 ChargePoint v. SemaConnect 03/28/2019 Eligible Subject Matter
17-1153 Grunenthal v. Alkem 03/28/2019 Contributory Infringement; Induced Infringement; Reasonable Expectation of Success; Utility
17-1240 Endo v. Teva 03/28/2019 Eligible Subject Matter
18-1520 Arctic Cat v. GEP Power 03/26/2019 AIA; Antedating A Reference; Claim Construction; Conception; Diligence; Expungement; IPR
18-1295 Nat. Alter. v. Creative Comp. 03/15/2019 Eligible Subject Matter
18-1599 Personal Web v. Apple 03/08/2019 AIA; IPR; Inherency; Obviousness; Remand
18-1284 UFRF v. GE 02/26/2019 Eligible Subject Matter; Sovereign Immunity
18-1028 Coda v. Goodyear 02/22/2019 Amended Complaint; Correction of Inventorship; Dismissal; Inventorship; Trade Secret
17-2312 Dr. Falk v. Generico 02/20/2019 Attorney Disqualification; Conflict of Interest
17-2510 CenTrak v. Sonitor 02/14/2019 Enablement; Infringement; Summary Judgment; Written Description
18-1076 Continental Circuits v. Intel 02/08/2019 Claim Construction; Extrinsic Evidence; Intrinsic Evidence
17-1694 Momenta v. Bristol-Myers 02/07/2019 Dismissal; Jurisdiction; Mootness; Standing
17-2508 Athena v. Mayo 02/06/2019 Dismissal; Eligible Subject Matter
17-2088 Mylan Pharm. v. Research Corp. 02/01/2019 AIA; Chemical; IPR; Obviousness; Standing
18-1205 Duncan Parking v. IPS Group 01/31/2019 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Infringement; Inventorship; Summary Judgment
17-2463 Barry v. Medtronic 01/24/2019 Experimental Use; Induced Infringement; Inequitable Conduct; Public Use; Reduction to Practice
17-1357 Supernus Pharm. v. Iancu 01/23/2019 Deference; Patent Term Adjustment; Statutory Construction; Summary Judgment
17-2597 PDIC v. Office Depot 01/22/2019 Contract; Damages; Finality; Jurisdiction
17-2620 Guild Mortgage Company 01/14/2019 DuPont Factors; Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
13-1527 WesternGeco v. ION Geophysical 01/11/2019 Damages; Lost Profits; Reasonable Royalty
17-2596 Amerigen v. UCB Pharma 01/11/2019 AIA; Chemical; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness; Standing
18-1154 Realtime Data v. Iancu 01/10/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Motivation; Ordinary Skill
18-1433 AC Technologies v. Amazon 01/09/2019 AIA; Claim Construction; Due Process; IPR; Institution Decision
17-2465 Marco Guldenaar Holding 12/28/2018 Abstract Idea; Eligible Subject Matter; Printed Matter; Representative Claim
18-1276 Spineology v. Wright Medical 12/14/2018 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Claim Construction; Damages; Exceptional Case
17-2490 VirnetX v. Apple 12/10/2018 Collateral Estoppel; Constitution; Waiver - Blue Brief
17-2445 Laerdal Medical v. ITC 12/07/2018 Complaint; International Trade Commission; Statutory Construction; Trade Dress
17-2173 Novartis v. Breckenridge 12/07/2018 Obviousness-Type Double Patenting
16-2700 Jack Henry v. Plano Encryption 12/07/2018 Due Process; Personal Jurisdiction; Standing; Venue
17-2284 Novartis v. Ezra Ventures 12/07/2018 Obviousness-Type Double Patenting; Patent Term Extension; Statutory Construction
18-1121 Maxchief v. Wok 11/29/2018 Declaratory Judgment; Due Process; Minimum Contacts; Personal Jurisdiction; Tortious Interference
17-1468 Schafly v. Saint Louis Brewery 11/26/2018 Constitution; Descriptiveness; Opposition Proceeding; Secondary Meaning; Trademark
16-2599 Enplas Display v. SSC 11/19/2018 Anticipation; Damages; Induced Infringement; Jury Trial; Reasonable Royalty
18-1404 Ancora v. HTC 11/16/2018 Eligible Subject Matter
18-1274 Hamilton Beach v. f'real Foods 11/16/2018 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness
18-1152 Omaha Steaks v. Greater Omaha 11/15/2018 Famous Trademark; Likelihood of Confusion; Opposition Proceeding
18-157 Oath Holdings 11/14/2018 Corporation; Mandamus; Remand; Transfer; Venue; Waiver
17-1525 Arista Networks v. Cisco 11/09/2018 AIA; Assignor Estoppel; Claim Construction; IPR; Jurisdiction
17-2084 Acceleration v. Blizzard 11/06/2018 AIA; Amendment; Claim Construction; Evidence; IPR; Preamble Language; Printed Publication
17-1894 GoPro v. Contour IP Holding 11/01/2018 AIA; IPR; Printed Publication
16-2497 Converse v. ITC 10/30/2018 Descriptiveness; Infringement; Likelihood of Confusion; Secondary Meaning; Trademark
17-1575 Teva v. Sandoz 10/12/2018 Claim Construction; Motivation; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success; Teaching Away
17-1594 Yeda Research v. Mylan 10/12/2018 AIA; APA; Due Process; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness
17-1135 Data Engine v. Google 10/09/2018 Eligible Subject Matter
17-1690 Roche Molecular v. Cepheid 10/09/2018 Eligible Subject Matter
17-1959 Real Foods v. Frito-Lay 10/04/2018 Acquired Distinctiveness; Descriptiveness; Genericness; Trademark
17-1962 Natural Alternatives v. Iancu 10/01/2018 Continuation in Part; Inter Partes Reexamination; MPEP; Priority
17-1555 Bennett Reg. v. Atlanta Gas 09/28/2018 AIA; IPR; Jurisdiction; Sanctions; Time-bar Determination
17-2265 WARF v. Apple 09/28/2018 Claim Construction; Literal Infringement
17-2414 Gust v. AlphaCap Ventures 09/28/2018 Attorney Fees; Eligible Subject Matter
17-1722 Hyatt v. Iancu 09/24/2018 APA; Claim Preclusion; Jurisdiction; Statutory Construction; Time-bar Determination
16-2691 Power Integr. v. Fairchild 09/20/2018 Claim Construction; Doctrine of Equivalents; Prosecution History Estoppel; Reasonable Royalty
17-1977 DuPont v. Synvina 09/17/2018 AIA; Burden of Persuasion; Burden of Production; Claimed Ranges; IPR; Obviousness; Standing
17-2012 ParkerVision v. Qualcomm 09/13/2018 AIA; Functional Claim Language; IPR; Motivation
17-2256 Nobel Biocare v. InstradentUSA 09/13/2018 AIA; Anticipation; Claim Construction; Corroboration; IPR; Jurisdiction; Printed Publication
17-1333 Orexo v. Actavis 09/10/2018 Obviousness; Secondary Considerations
17-1665 IXI v. Samsung 09/10/2018 AIA; IPR; Obviousness
17-1907 U. of Cal. v. Broad Inst. 09/10/2018 Anticipation; Evidence; Interference; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success
17-2078 Acorda v. Roxane 09/10/2018 Long-felt Need; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success; Secondary Considerations
17-2361 Detroit Athletic 09/10/2018 DuPont Factors; Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
17-1481 Worlds Inc. v. Bungie 09/07/2018 AIA; Burden of Persuasion; Collateral Estoppel; IPR; Real Party in Interest; Time-bar Determination
17-2434 Intellectual Vent. v. T-Mobile 09/04/2018 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness; Summary Judgment
18-1688 Zheng Cai v. Diamond Hong 08/27/2018 Cancellation; Evidence; Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
17-1521 Ericsson v. Intell. Ventures 08/27/2018 AIA; Due Process; IPR; Obviousness
17-2037 Maatita 08/20/2018 Design; Enablement; Indefiniteness
17-2102 Core Wireless v. Apple II 08/16/2018 Evidence; Implied Waiver; Infringement; Obviousness
17-1629 Luminara Worldwide v. Iancu 08/16/2018 AIA; IPR; Jurisdiction; Time-bar Determination
18-144 Power Integrations II 08/16/2018 AIA; IPR; Jurisdiction; Mandamus
15-1242 Click-to-Call v. Ingenio,Iancu 08/16/2018 AIA; En Banc; IPR; Jurisdiction; Statutory Construction; Time-bar Determination
17-1784 In re Rembrandt Techs. 08/15/2018 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case; Standard of Review
17-2553 Diebold Nixdorf v. ITC 08/15/2018 Claim Construction; International Trade Commission; Means-Plus-Function; Skilled Artisan
17-1908 BSG Tech v. BuySeasons 08/15/2018 Eligible Subject Matter; Standard of Review; Summary Judgment
17-1828 JTEKT Corp. v. GKN Automotive 08/03/2018 AIA; IPR; Standing
17-2081 InvestPic v. SAP America 08/02/2018 Abstract Idea; Eligible Subject Matter
17-1314 Advantek v. Walk-Long 08/01/2018 Design; Prosecution History Estoppel; Remand
17-1265 BioDelivery v. Aquestive,Iancu 07/31/2018 AIA; IPR; Jurisdiction; Remand; Waiver
16-1794 NantKwest v. Iancu 07/27/2018 145 Action; Attorney Fees; En Banc; Expenses; Statutory Construction
17-1601 ZUP v. Nash Mfg. 07/25/2018 Copying; KSR; Long-felt Need; Motivation; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations
16-2576 Boston U. v. Everlight Elec. 07/25/2018 Claim Construction; Enablement; JMOL; Specification
16-2502 Interval Licensing v. AOL 07/20/2018 Abstract Idea; Eligible Subject Matter
18-1638 Saint Regis v. Mylan 07/20/2018 AIA; IPR; Tribal Immunity
16-1559 Errata Energy Heatingv. Heat OTF 07/19/2018 Errata
17-1703 Blackbird Tech. v. ELB Elec. 07/16/2018 Amendment; Claim Construction; Prosecution History; Skilled Artisan; Specification
16-2285 TF3 v. Tre Milano 07/13/2018 Anticipation; Claim Construction
17-1671 Jazz Pharm. v. Amneal Pharm. 07/13/2018 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Jurisdiction; Motivation; Obviousness; Printed Publication
17-1719 Custopharm v. Endo Pharm. 07/13/2018 Claim Construction; Drug Patent; FDA; Inherency; Motivation; Obviousness
16-1945 Raytheon v. Indigo 07/12/2018 Attorney Fees; Jury Trial; Motion for a New Trial; Trade Secret
17-1974 Campbell v. Polara 07/10/2018 Enhanced Damages; Jury Trial; Motivation; Public Use; Willfulness
16-2121 TAOS v. Renesas Elec. 07/09/2018 Disgorgement; Enhanced Damages; Extraterritoriality; Trade Secret; Willfulness
17-2020 Errata Impax Labs v. Lannett Holdings 07/02/2018 Errata
17-2020 Impax Labs v. Lannett Holdings 06/28/2018 Clear and Convincing Evidence; Motivation; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations; Teaching Away
16-2375 Royal Crown v. Coca-Cola 06/20/2018 Distinctiveness; Evidence; Genericness; Secondary Meaning; Trademark
17-1341 Sirona v. Institut Straumann 06/19/2018 APA; Due Process; Motion to Amend; Motivation; Obviousness; Reference Disclosure
17-1169 Medtronic v. Barry 06/11/2018 AIA; IPR; Obviousness; Printed Publication
17-2330 Stone Basket v. Cook Medical 06/11/2018 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
16-2470 PGS Geophysical v. Iancu 06/07/2018 AIA; APA; Final Written Decision; Finality; IPR; Jurisdiction; Motivation; Obviousness
17-2248 FastShip v. United States 06/05/2018 Damages; Infringement; Statutory Construction
17-1486 Durance 06/01/2018 Examiner Answer; Notice; Preserved Argument; Reply Brief; Waiver
17-1267 Zeroclick v. Apple 06/01/2018 Claim Construction; Means-Plus-Function
16-1671 Ericsson v. Intellectual Vent. 05/29/2018 AIA; Anticipation; IPR; Obviousness
16-2054 XY v. Trans Ova Genetics 05/23/2018 Abuse of Discretion; Antitrust; Collateral Estoppel; Contract; Royalty; Willfulness
16-2610 UCB v. Accord Healthcare 05/23/2018 Anticipation; Double Patenting; Hatch-Waxman; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success
17-1909 D Three v. SunModo 05/21/2018 Evidence; Priority; Summary Judgment; Written Description
16-2616 Praxair v. Mallinckrodt 05/16/2018 Claim Construction; Obviousness; Printed Matter; Secondary Considerations
18-120 BigCommerce 05/15/2018 Corporation; Mandamus; Residence; Venue
18-113 ZTE USA 05/14/2018 Burden of Persuasion; Mandamus; Remand; Venue
17-1947 Anacor Pharm. v. Iancu 05/14/2018 AIA; APA; Burden of Proof; Due Process; IPR; Obviousness; Structural Similarity
16-1772 M-I Drilling v. Dynamic Air 05/14/2018 Due Process; Personal Jurisdiction; Remand
17-1487 Altaire v. Paragon 05/11/2018 APA; Declaration or Affidavit; Evidence; Standing
16-2475 AIDS Healthcare v. Gilead 05/11/2018 Declaratory Judgment; Dismissal; Induced Infringement
18-130 HTC Corp. 05/09/2018 Mandamus; Patent; Residence; Venue
16-2099 WesternGeco v. ION Geophysical 05/07/2018 Claim Construction; Obviousness; Privity; Reference Disclosure; Time-bar Determination
17-1976 Errata VerHoef 05/07/2018 Errata
17-1012 General Hosp. v. Sienna Bio. 05/04/2018 Interference; Motion to Amend; Written Description
16-1559 Energy Heating v. Heat OTF 05/04/2018 Attorney Fees; Enhanced Damages; Inequitable Conduct; Tortious Interference
17-1976 VerHoef 05/03/2018 Anticipation; Conception; Inventorship
17-1483 Disc Disease v. VGH Solutions 05/01/2018 Complaint; Dismissal; Notice; Pleading Standard
17-1869 01 Communique v. Citrix Syst. 04/26/2018 Motion for a New Trial; Prejudice; Reexamination
16-2302 Gilead Sciences v. Merck 04/25/2018 Abuse of Discretion; Unclean Hands
15-1944 Wi-Fi One v. Broadcom 04/20/2018 AIA; Anticipation; Claim Construction; Discovery; IPR; Privity; Real Party in Interest
17-1930 Voter Verified v. Election Sys 04/20/2018 Abstract Idea; Eligible Subject Matter; Issue Preclusion; Reissue
17-1506 James v. J2 Cloud Serv. 04/20/2018 Assignment; Contract; Dismissal; Inventorship; Jurisdiction; Ownership; Standing
16-2504 Droplets v. E*Trade et al. 04/19/2018 AIA; Cross-Appeal; IPR; Priority
17-1502 John Bean v. Morris & Assoc. 04/19/2018 Equitable Estoppel; Laches; Summary Judgment
17-1400 Raniere v. Microsoft 04/18/2018 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case; Prevailing Party
17-1681 Apator v. Kamstrup 04/17/2018 Conception; Corroboration; Swear Behind
17-1798 Sumitomo v. Emcure 04/16/2018 Chemical; Claim Construction; Hatch-Waxman
16-2707 Vanda v. WestWard 04/13/2018 Eligible Subject Matter; FDA; Hatch-Waxman; Induced Infringement; Jurisdiction; Written Description
16-1954 Knowles Electronics v. Iancu 04/06/2018 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Jurisdiction; New Ground of Rejection; Standing
15-1928 Errata Bosch Automotive v. Iancu 03/28/2018 Errata
17-1118 Oracle v. Google II 03/27/2018 Computer Software; Copyright; Fair Use
16-2601 Brandt 03/27/2018 Claimed Ranges; Obviousness; Prima Facie Case; Teaching Away
16-2523 DSS Technology v. Apple 03/23/2018 AIA; Board Rationale; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness
17-1101 Errata Dell v. Acceleron II 03/22/2018 Errata
17-1304 Power Integrations 03/19/2018 Anticipation; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction
17-1101 Dell v. Acceleron II 03/19/2018 New Argument; New Evidence; Remand
15-1928 Errata Bosch Automotive v. Iancu 03/15/2018 Errata
17-1389 Hologic v. Smith & Nephew 03/14/2018 Inter Partes Reexamination; Obviousness; Ordinary Skill; Predictable Results; Priority
17-1290 Steuben Foods v. Nestle USA 03/13/2018 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness
17-1193 Nestle USA v. Steuben Foods 03/13/2018 AIA; Claim Construction; Collateral Estoppel; IPR; Issue Preclusion
16-2738 SimpleAir v. Google 03/12/2018 Claim Preclusion; Kessler Doctrine; Waiver - Below
17-1842 Ottah v. Fiat Chrysler 03/07/2018 Claim Construction; Dismissal; Infringement; Summary Judgment
16-2010 Knowles Elecs. v. Cirrus Logic 03/01/2018 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Inter Partes Reexamination; Written Description
17-1036 Nalco v. Chem-Mod 02/27/2018 Contributory Infringement; Doctrine of Equivalents; Induced Infringement; Infringement; Willfulness
16-1249 Arendi v. Google 02/20/2018 AIA; IPR; Obviousness; Prosecution Disclaimer
17-1452 Aatrix v. Green Shades 02/14/2018 Dismissal; Eligible Subject Matter; Motion to Amend
17-1434 Hodges 02/12/2018 Anticipation; Board Rationale; Claim Construction; Obviousness; Substantial Evidence
16-1807 Polaris Ind. v. Arctic Cat 02/09/2018 AIA; Claim Construction; Commercial Success; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness; Teaching Away
16-2746 Xitronix v. KLA-Tencor 02/09/2018 Jurisdiction; Monopolization Claim; Order; Transfer
17-1560 Merck Sharp v. Amneal Pharm. 02/09/2018 Abbreviated New Drug Application; Discovery; Food and Drug Administration; Infringement
17-1437 Berkheimer v. HP 02/08/2018 Eligible Subject Matter; Indefiniteness
17-1445 Nordt Development Co. 02/08/2018 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Specification
17-1448 MACOM v. Infineon 02/07/2018 Preliminary Injunction
17-1238 Actelion Pharm. v. Matal 02/06/2018 Patent Cooperation Treaty; Patent Term Adjustment; Summary Judgment
17-1355 Elbit v. Thales 02/06/2018 AIA; IPR; Obviousness; Reference Disclosure
14-1469 Medicines Co. v. Hospira II 02/06/2018 On Sale
17-1689 AbbVie v. MedImmune 02/05/2018 Declaratory Judgment; Dismissal; Jurisdiction; Licensing
17-1387 Paice v. Ford 02/01/2018 Obviousness; Reference Disclosure; Written Description
17-1039 MaxLinear v. CF Crespe 01/25/2018 AIA; Collateral Estoppel; IPR; Issue Preclusion
16-2684 Core Wireless v. LG Elecs. 01/25/2018 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Eligible Subject Matter; Infringement
17-1239 Anthrex v. Smith & Nephew 01/24/2018 AIA; Disclaimer; Finality; IPR; Jurisdiction
17-1257 Janssen Biotech 01/23/2018 Continuation in Part; Divisional; Obviousness-Type Double Patenting
17-1188 Flexuspine v. Globus Medical 01/19/2018 Infringement; Jury Instruction; Jury Trial; Jury Verdict Form
16-2197 Exmark v. Briggs and Stratton 01/12/2018 Damages; Indefiniteness; Laches; Summary Judgment; Willfulness
16-2309 Advanced Video. v. HTC Corp. 01/11/2018 Assignment; Jurisdiction; Ownership; Standing
16-2520 Finjan v. Blue Coat Syst. 01/10/2018 Damages; Eligible Subject Matter; Infringement; Reasonable Royalty
15-1944 Wi-Fi One v. Broadcom 01/08/2018 AIA; En Banc; IPR; Jurisdiction; Statutory Construction; Time-bar Determination
17-1032 Monsanto v. DuPont 01/05/2018 Anticipation; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction; Obviousness
16-2080 Microsoft v. Biscotti 12/28/2017 AIA; Anticipation; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction; IPR
15-1928 Bosch Automotive v. Matal 12/22/2017 AIA; Commercial Success; Industry Praise; Licensing; Motion to Amend; Motivation; Obviousness
16-2386 Travel Sentry v. Tropp 12/19/2017 Induced Infringement; Summary Judgment
16-1880 HTC Corp. v. Cellular Commc'ns 12/18/2017 AIA; Anticipation - Inherency; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness
15-1109 Brunetti 12/15/2017 Constitution; Scandalousness; Trademark
15-1499 Amgen v. Sandoz 12/14/2017 Biologics; FDA; State Claims; Waiver - Below
16-2442 Inventor Holdings v. Bed Bath 12/08/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Eligible Subject Matter; Exceptional Case
17-1475 Artic Cat v. Bombardier 12/07/2017 Enhanced Damages; Marking; Royalty; Secondary Considerations; Teaching Away; Willfulness
16-2198 CRFD Research v. Matal 12/05/2017 AIA; Anticipation; IPR; Obviousness; Skilled Artisan
16-2607 Presidio v. A.T. Ceramics 11/21/2017 Damages; Enhanced Damages; Indefiniteness; Intervening Rights; Lost Profits; Permanent Injunction
16-1770 BASF v. Johnson Matthey 11/20/2017 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness
17-138 Micron Technology 11/15/2017 Mandamus; Venue; Waiver - Below
13-1011 Life Tech. v. Promega 11/13/2017 Damages; Waiver - Below
16-2722 Sanofi v. Watson 11/09/2017 Drug Patent; FDA; Induced Infringement; Obviousness; Prosecution Disclaimer
16-2531 Two-Way v. Comcast 11/01/2017 Eligible Subject Matter
16-2169 Bayer Pharma v. Watson 11/01/2017 Copying; Drug Patent; Motivation; Obviousness; Unexpected Results
16-2465 MasterMine v. Microsoft 10/30/2017 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness
17-1115 Merck Sharp v. Hospira 10/26/2017 Commercial Success; Copying; Obviousness
16-1233 Errata Smart Syst. Chicago Transit 10/19/2017 Errata
16-1233 Smart Syst. v. Chicago Transit 10/18/2017 Eligible Subject Matter
16-1728 Secured Mail v. UniversalWilde 10/16/2017 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1983 Organik v. Rohm and Haas 10/11/2017 AIA; Anticipation; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness
16-2613 Owens Corning v. Fast Felt 10/11/2017 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness
17-1480 Amgen v. Sanofi 10/05/2017 Enablement; Evidence; Jury Trial; Permanent Injunction; Priority; Written Description
15-1177 Aqua Products v. Matal 10/04/2017 Burden of Persuasion; Burden of Production; Burden of Proof; Deference; En Banc; Motion to Amend
16-1275 Jang v. Boston Scientific 09/29/2017 Doctrine of Equivalents; Ensnarement; Jury Trial; Literal Infringement
16-2303 Smith International 09/26/2017 Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction; Obviousness
17-129 Cray Inc. 09/21/2017 Mandamus; Transfer; Venue
16-1808 NFC Tech. v. Matal 09/20/2017 AIA; Antedating A Reference; Conception; Corroboration; Evidence; IPR; Inurement; Testimony
16-2721 Idemitsu v. SFC 09/15/2017 Obviousness; Teaching Away
16-2677 First Data v. Inselberg 09/15/2017 Declaratory Judgment; Dismissal; Infringement; Jurisdiction
16-2641 Allied Mineral v. OSMI 09/13/2017 Case Or Controversy; Declaratory Judgment; Foreign Litigation; Jurisdiction
16-1795 Intel. Ventures v. Motorola 09/13/2017 Claim Construction; Infringement; Jury Trial; Obviousness; Written Description
17-2130 Waymo v. Uber 09/13/2017 Arbitration; Equitable Estoppel
17-2235 Waymo v. Uber II 09/13/2017 Discovery; Jurisdiction; Mandamus
16-2287 Southwire Co. v. Cerro Wire 09/08/2017 Harmless Error; Inherency; Obviousness
15-2082 Intercontinental v. Kellogg 09/07/2017 Inequitable Conduct; KSR; Motivation; Obviousness; Prima Facie Case; Summary Judgment
17-1096 Lifetime v. Trim-Lok 09/07/2017 Contributory Infringement; Dismissal; Induced Infringement; Infringement; Motions
16-2283 Vicor v. SynQor 08/30/2017 Anticipation; Inter Partes Reexamination; Obviousness
16-1706 Ultratec v. CaptionCall 08/28/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Evidence; Interests of Justice; Motions; Testimony
16-1502 Return Mail v. USPS 08/28/2017 Business Method; Eligible Subject Matter; Infringement; Jurisdiction; Standing; Waiver - Below
16-1811 Stepan Company II 08/25/2017 Board Rationale; Burden of Proof; Reasonable Expectation of Success; Routine Optimization
16-2321 Nidec v. Zhongshan 08/22/2017 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness; Preamble Language; Teaching Away
16-2297 Georgetown Rail v. Holland 08/16/2017 Claim Construction; Damages; Infringement; Lost Profits; Preamble Language; Willfulness
16-2254 Visual Memory v. NVIDIA 08/15/2017 Abstract Idea; Eligible Subject Matter
16-2647 AIA America v. Avid 08/10/2017 Attorney Fees; Constitution; Jury Trial; Seventh Amendment
16-2179 Amgen v. Hospira 08/10/2017 Biologics; Discovery; FDA; Jurisdiction; Mandamus
16-2558 North Carolina Lottery 08/10/2017 Descriptiveness; Trademark
16-1115 Romag v. Fossil 08/09/2017 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case; Patent; Trademark
16-1507 08/08/2017 Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
16-1123 Personal Audio v. EFF 08/07/2017 AIA; Case Or Controversy; Claim Construction; IPR; Standing
16-1511 Homeland House. v. Whirlpool 08/04/2017 AIA; Anticipation; Claim Construction; Expert Witness; IPR
16-1996 Honeywell v. Mexichem Amanco 08/01/2017 Inherency; Inter Partes Reexamination; Motivation; New Ground of Rejection; Unpredictability
16-1346 Regeneron Pharm. v. Merus 07/27/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Inequitable Conduct
16-1939 Earnhardt v. Earnhardt 07/27/2017 Board Rationale; Genericness; Surname; Trademark
16-1814 Soft Gel v. Jarrow Formulas 07/26/2017 Inter Partes Reexamination; Motivation; Obviousness; Teaching Away
15-2066 Millennium Pharm. v. Sandoz 07/17/2017 Inherency; Long-felt Need; Motivation; Obviousness; Teaching Away; Unexpected Results
17-1148 Genband v. Metaswitch 07/10/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Causal-Nexus; Injunction; Irreparable Harm
16-1474 IPCom v. HTC 07/07/2017 Claim Construction; Inter Partes Reexamination; Means-Plus-Function; Motivation; Obviousness
16-1882 AdjustaCam v. Newegg 07/05/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case; Mandate Rule
15-2011 Stanford U. v. Chinese U. 06/27/2017 Discovery; Interference; Written Description
15-1802 Storer v. Clark 06/21/2017 Enablement; Interference; Priority; Undue Experimentation
16-2170 NexLearn v. Allen 06/19/2017 Dismissal; Infringement; Patent; Personal Jurisdiction
16-1769 Outdry v. Geox 06/16/2017 AIA; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; IPR; Motivation to Combine References; Obviousness
16-1766 Cleveland Clinic v. TrueHealth 06/16/2017 Contributory Infringement; Eligible Subject Matter; Induced Infringement
16-1984 EmeraChem v. Volkswagon 06/15/2017 AIA; APA; Corroboration; IPR; Inventorship; Notice; Opportunity to Respond; Remand
16-2105 One-E-Way v. ITC 06/12/2017 Indefiniteness; International Trade Commission
16-2001 Credit Acceptance v. Westlake 06/09/2017 AIA; Business Method; Eligible Subject Matter; Estoppel; Jurisdiction
16-2097 New World v. Ford Global 06/08/2017 Declaratory Judgment; Dismissal; Motion to Amend; Personal Jurisdiction
16-2055 Lyons v. American College 06/08/2017 Cancellation; Ownership; Trademark
16-2018 SKKY v. MindGeek 06/07/2017 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Means-Plus-Function; Motion to Strike; Motivation; Obviousness
16-2521 Rothschild v. Guardian 06/06/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
16-1397 Checkpoint v. All-Tag 06/05/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
16-2427 Evans v. Building Materials 06/05/2017 Arbitration; Waiver - Below
16-1524 Preston v. Nagel 06/01/2017 Case Or Controversy; Dismissal; Jurisdiction; Remand
16-2006 Halo Elec. v. Pulse Elec. 05/26/2017 Finality; Jurisdiction; Prejudgment Interest
16-1089 Phelps Vineyards v. Fairmont 05/24/2017 Famous Trademark; Likelihood of Confusion
16-1841 Rivera v. ITC 05/23/2017 International Trade Commission; Written Description
17-1645 Mylan v. Aurobindo 05/19/2017 Doctrine of Equivalents; Irreparable Harm; Likelihood of Success; Preliminary Injunction
16-1357 Arcelormittal v. AK Steel 05/16/2017 Case Or Controversy; Jurisdiction; Mandate Rule; Remand
16-2233 Rovalma v. Bohler-Edelstahl 05/11/2017 APA; Board Rationale; Due Process; Motivation to Combine References; Obviousness; Remand
16-1599 Aylus Networks v. Apple 05/11/2017 Claim Construction; Prosecution Disclaimer; Related Proceeding
16-1576 NOVA Chemicals v. Dow Chemical 05/11/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
16-1830 AT&T Intellectual Property II 05/10/2017 Anticipation; Inter Partes Reexamination; Jurisdiction; New Ground of Rejection
16-1143 Cisco v. Cirrex 05/10/2017 Claim Construction; Inter Partes Reexamination; Written Description
16-1173 Affinity Labs of Texas II 05/05/2017 Claim Construction; Estoppel; Inter Partes Reexamination
16-1092 Affinity Labs of Texas 05/05/2017 Anticipation; Commercial Success; Estoppel; Inter Partes Reexamination; Obviousness
16-1284 Helsinn v. Teva 05/01/2017 AIA; On Sale
16-1585 Nichia v. Everlight 04/28/2017 Claim Construction; Injunction; Motivation to Combine References; Obviousness
16-1499 RecogniCorp v. Nintendo 04/28/2017 Eligible Subject Matter
17-1002 Fairchild v. Power Integr. 04/21/2017 Estoppel; Finality; Inter Partes Reexamination
16-1982 Phil-Insul v. Airlite Plastics 04/17/2017 Claim Construction; Collateral Estoppel; Issue Preclusion
16-1729 Rembrandt Wireless v. Samsung 04/17/2017 Claim Construction; Damages; Jury Trial; Marking; Obviousness
15-2037 Core Wireless v. Apple 04/14/2017 Claim Construction; Jury Trial; Means-Plus-Function
16-1352 Novartis v. Torrent 04/12/2017 APA; Due Process; Motivation to Combine References; Nexus; Obviousness; Unexpected Results
15-1113 Medicines Co. v. Mylan 04/06/2017 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness; Infringement
15-2078 Wasica v. Continental 04/04/2017 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Obviousness
16-1678 Novartis v. Noven 04/04/2017 Obviousness; Res Judicata
16-1026 Asetek Danmark v. CMI USA 04/03/2017 Claim Construction; Damages; Injunction; Invalidity; Jury Trial; Obviousness; Reasonable Royalty
16-1817 Chudik 03/27/2017 Anticipation; Reference Disclosure; Substantial Evidence
16-1336 U. of Utah v. Max-Planck 03/23/2017 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
16-1562 TVIIM v. McAfee 03/21/2017 Claim Construction; Harmless Error; Jury Trial
15-1854 Bayer CropScience v. Dow 03/17/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Attorney Fees; Standard of Review
15-1470 Mentor Graphics v. EVE-USA 03/16/2017 Damages; Indefiniteness; Lost Profits; Res Judicata; Willfulness; Written Description
16-1456 Errata Prism v. Sprint 03/15/2017 Errata
16-1900 Nidec v. Zhongshan 03/14/2017 Anticipation; Reference Disclosure; Substantial Evidence
15-5150 Thales Vis. v. United States 03/08/2017 Eligible Subject Matter
16-1128 Intellectual Ventures v. Erie 03/07/2017 Assignment; Eligible Subject Matter; Jurisdiction; Ownership; Standing
16-1755 Meiresonne v. Google 03/07/2017 AIA; IPR; Obviousness; Teaching Away
16-1077 Intell. Ventures v. Cap One 03/07/2017 Certification; Eligible Subject Matter; Issue Preclusion
15-1992 Comcast v. Sprint 03/07/2017 Claim Construction; Infringement; Prejudgment Interest
16-1456 Prism v. Sprint 03/06/2017 Damages; Motion for a New Trial; Settlement Agreement
16-1306 Technology Prop. v. Huawei 03/03/2017 Claim Construction; Disclaimer; Prosecution History Estoppel
16-1518 L.A. Biomedical v. Eli Lilly 02/28/2017 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Obviousness; Priority; Reasonable Expectation of Success
16-1475 Icon Health v. Strava 02/27/2017 APA; Board Rationale; Declaration or Affidavit; Inter Partes Reexamination; Obviousness
16-2433 Metalcraft v. Toro 02/16/2017 Abuse of Discretion; Preliminary Injunction
15-1919 Xilinx v. Papst Licensing 02/15/2017 Declaratory Judgment; Mootness; Personal Jurisdiction
16-1174 Personal Web v. Apple 02/14/2017 APA; Claim Construction; Due Process; Motivation; Obviousness; Reference Disclosure
16-1243 MPHJ Tech. v. Ricoh 02/13/2017 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Obviousness; Provisional Application
16-1785 Shire v. Watson 02/10/2017 Consisting Of; Infringement; Markush Group
16-1155 Cumberland Pharm. v. Mylan 01/26/2017 Conception; Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success
16-1410 Tinnus v. Telebrands 01/24/2017 Preliminary Injunction
15-2067 Eli Lilly v. Teva 01/12/2017 Double Patenting; Indefiniteness; Induced Infringement; Obviousness
16-1544 Phigenix v. Immunogen 01/09/2017 Constitution; Dismissal; Jurisdiction; Standing
15-1676 Walker v. Health Int'l 01/06/2017 Attorney Fees; Frivolous Appeal; Sanctions
16-1449 Sonix v. Publications Int'l 01/05/2017 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness; Standard of Review; Summary Judgment
15-1696 Ethicon 01/03/2017 Age of a Reference; KSR; Motivation; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations; Substantial Evidence
15-1975 Van Os 01/03/2017 Board Rationale; Common Sense; KSR; Obviousness; Remand
16-1592 D'Agostino v. MasterCard 12/22/2016 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Reference Disclosure; Substantial Evidence
15-1950 U.S. Water v. Novozymes 12/15/2016 Anticipation - Inherency; Inequitable Conduct; Summary Judgment
16-1392 United v. Tile Tech 12/15/2016 Default Judgment; Permanent Injunction; Willfulness
15-2019 Medgraph v. Medtronic 12/13/2016 Claim Construction; Infringement; Summary Judgment
15-1960 JobDiva 12/12/2016 Abandonment; Cancellation; Trademark
15-1329 Power Integr. v. Fairchild 12/12/2016 Claim Construction; Doctrine of Equivalents; Induced Infringement; Jury Trial; Permanent Injunction
15-1670 NuVasive II 12/07/2016 AIA; APA; Board Rationale; Due Process; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness; Remand
15-1703 Apple v. Ameranth 11/29/2016 AIA; Business Method; Claim Construction; Eligible Subject Matter
15-1812 Unwired Planet v. Google II 11/21/2016 AIA; Business Method; IPR; Statutory Construction
16-125 Rearden 11/17/2016 Attorney-Client Privilege; Discovery; Jurisdiction; Mandamus
15-1580 Mann v. Cochlear 11/17/2016 Damages; Indefiniteness; Jurisdiction; Willfulness
15-2043 Perfect Surg. v. Olympus Am. 11/15/2016 Antedating A Reference; Claim Construction; Diligence
15-1810 Unwired Planet v. Google 11/15/2016 AIA; Analogous Art; Business Method; Dismissal; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness
16-1296 Christian Faith v. Adidas 11/14/2016 Cancellation; Trademark; Use in Commerce
15-1672 NuVasive 11/09/2016 AIA; APA; Due Process; IPR; Remand
15-1773 Reg Synthetic v. Neste Oil 11/08/2016 AIA; Antedating A Reference; Anticipation; IPR
15-1180 Amdocs v. Openet 11/01/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1977 Medtronic v. Bosch 10/20/2016 AIA; Due Process; IPR; Jurisdiction; Mandamus
16-1003 Efthymiopoulos 10/18/2016 Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success; Secondary Considerations; Unexpected Results
15-1599 Synopsys v. Mentor Graphics II 10/17/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
16-1200 Poly-America v. API Indus. 10/14/2016 Claim Construction; Disavowal of Claim Scope
15-1881 MIT v. Shire Pharmaceuticals 10/13/2016 Claim Construction; Disavowal of Claim Scope; Indefiniteness
15-1985 FairWarning v. Iatric 10/11/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1171 Apple v. Samsung 10/07/2016 En Banc; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations; Standard of Review; Waiver - Blue Brief
15-1923 Lyda v. CBS 09/30/2016 Dismissal; Joint Infringement; Jurisdiction
15-1769 Intellectual Vent. v. Symantec 09/30/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1892 Drone Tech. v. Parrot 09/29/2016 Attorney Fees; Discovery; Sanctions; Standing
15-1726 Husky Injection v. Athena 09/23/2016 AIA; Assignor Estoppel; Business Method; Jurisdiction
16-1013 Cox v. Sprint 09/23/2016 Indefiniteness; Summary Judgment
15-2080 Affinity Labs v. 09/23/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1845 Affinity Labs v. DirecTV 09/23/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1853 ClassCo v. Apple 09/22/2016 Claim Construction; Commensurate in Scope; Commercial Success; Industry Praise; Nexus
13-1527 WesternGeco v. ION Geophysical 09/21/2016 Enhanced Damages; Lost Profits; Willfulness
15-1662 Yeda v. Abbott 09/20/2016 Inherency; Written Description
15-1549 LifeNet Health v. LifeCell 09/16/2016 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Divided Infringement; Indefiniteness; Obviousness
15-1080 MCRO v. Bandai 09/13/2016 Claim Construction; Eligible Subject Matter
15-1628 Dynamic 3D v. Schlumberger 09/12/2016 Attorney Disqualification
13-1668 Stryker v. Zimmer 09/12/2016 Anticipation; Attorney Fees; Claim Construction; Enhanced Damages; Infringement; Obviousness
15-1597 Asia Vital v. Asetek 09/08/2016 Case Or Controversy; Jurisdiction; Remand
15-1894 Veritas v. Veeam 08/30/2016 AIA Motion to Amend; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; IPR; Obviousness; Remand
15-1565 Scriptpro v. Innovation 08/15/2016 Specification; Written Description
15-2073 Arendi v. Apple 08/10/2016 Common Sense; Evidence; Obviousness
15-1801 Vapor v. Elliott 08/10/2016 Assignment; Inventorship
15-1832 CSB-System International 08/09/2016 Claim Construction; Expired Patent; Reexamination
15-1050 Warsaw Orthopedic 08/09/2016 Board Rationale; Motivation to Combine References; Obviousness; Reference Disclosure
13-1472 Halo Elec. v. Pulse Elec. 08/05/2016 Enhanced Damages; On Sale
15-1420 Multilayer Stretch v. Berry 08/04/2016 Claim Construction; Consisting Of; Markush Group
15-2094 Murata Machinery v. Daifuku 08/01/2016 Preliminary Injunction; Stay
15-1825 GPNE v. Apple 08/01/2016 Claim Construction
15-1256 Wi-LAN v. Apple 08/01/2016 Claim Construction
15-1778 Electric Power v. Alstom 08/01/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1732 Advanced Ground v. Life360 07/28/2016 Indefiniteness; Means-Plus-Function
15-1970 Verinata v. Ariosa 07/26/2016 Federal Arbitration Act
15-1300 Magnum Oil Tools 07/25/2016 AIA; Burden of Persuasion; Burden of Production; Burden of Proof; IPR; Motivation; Obviousness
15-1930 Polar Electro Oy v. Suunto Oy 07/20/2016 Due Process; Personal Jurisdiction
15-1038 WBIP v. Kohler 07/19/2016 Motivation; Nexus; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations; Willfulness; Written Description
16-1325 SkyHawke v. Deca 07/15/2016 Claim Construction; Inter Partes Reexamination; Jurisdiction; Motions
14-1469 Medicines Co. v. Hospira 07/11/2016 En Banc; On Sale
16-1308 Amgen v. Apotex 07/05/2016 Biotechnology; Food and Drug Administration; Preliminary Injunction
15-1570 Rapid Litigation v CellzDirect 07/05/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1763 Bascom Global v. AT&T Mobility 06/27/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
16-1103 Oakville Hills v. Georgallis 06/24/2016 Jurisdiction; Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
15-1574 Immersion v. HTC 06/21/2016 Continuation; Priority; Statutory Construction
15-1533 Allied Erecting v. Genesis 06/15/2016 Inter Partes Reexamination; Motivation to Combine References; Obviousness; Teaching Away
15-1720 Genzyme v. Biomarin 06/14/2016 AIA; APA; Due Process; Final Written Decision; Grounds of Rejections; IPR; Obviousness
13-1576 Warsaw Orthopedic v. NuVasive 06/03/2016 Claim Construction; Induced Infringement; Substantial Evidence
15-1594 Superior Indus. v. Masaba 06/02/2016 Claim Construction; Infringement; Summary Judgment
15-2086 Netzer v. Shell 05/27/2016 Claim Construction; Infringement
16-1560 Arunachalam 05/27/2016 Finality; Jurisdiction; New Ground of Rejection
15-1016 Profectus v. Huawei 05/26/2016 Claim Construction
15-1372 TLI v. AV Automotive 05/17/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1902 Intendis v. Glenmark 05/16/2016 Infringement; Obviousness; Prosecution History Estoppel
15-2063 Merck v. Watson Labs. 05/13/2016 On Sale
15-1432 Cordua Restaurants 05/13/2016 Genericness; Harmless Error; Trademark
15-1244 Enfish v. Microsoft 05/12/2016 Anticipation; Eligible Subject Matter; Indefiniteness; Infringement; Means-Plus-Function
15-1232 Howmedica v. Zimmer 05/12/2016 Claim Construction; Claim Differentiation; Infringement
16-105 TC Heartland 04/29/2016 Jurisdiction; Mandamus; Venue
15-1500 Mankes v. Vivid Seats 04/22/2016 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case; Infringement
15-1562 Man Machine Interface 04/19/2016 Anticipation; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Obviousness; Reexamination
15-1553 Sport Dimension v. Coleman 04/19/2016 Design; Exclusion of Evidence
15-1202 Genetic Tech. v. Merial 04/08/2016 Biotechnology; Eligible Subject Matter
15-1427 HP v. MPHJ 04/05/2016 AIA; Anticipation; IPR; Jurisdiction; Redundancy
15-1585 Pride Mobility v. Permobil 04/05/2016 AIA; Claim Construction
15-1199 Clare v. Chrysler 03/31/2016 Claim Construction; Infringement; Summary Judgment
15-1370 MAG Aerospace v. B/E Aerospace 03/23/2016 Estoppel; Summary Judgment
15-1116 Shaw v. Automated 03/23/2016 AIA; Redundancy
15-1365 Cree 03/21/2016 APA; Commercial Success; Motivation to Combine References; Obviousness
15-1513 Dell v. Acceleron 03/15/2016 AIA; APA; Claim Construction; IPR; Remand
15-1375 Halo Creative v. Comptoir 03/14/2016 Forum Non Conveniens; Transfer
15-1502 Varma 03/10/2016 Board Rationale; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction
15-1664 Smith 03/10/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1548 Bamberg v. Dalvey 03/09/2016 135(b); Interference; Written Description
15-145 Queen's University 03/07/2016 Attorney Enrollment; Attorney-Client Privilege; Mandamus; Registration to Practice
15-1391 Blue Calypso v. Groupon 03/01/2016 AIA; Business Method
15-1072 Harmonic v. Avid 03/01/2016 AIA; Jurisdiction
15-1671 Luminara v. Liown 02/29/2016 Ownership; Permanent Injunction
14-1629 Nuance v. ABBYY 02/22/2016 Claim Construction
15-1361 PPC v. Corning Optical 02/22/2016 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR; Nexus; Presumption; Secondary Considerations
15-1364 PPC v. Corning Optical 02/22/2016 AIA; Claim Construction; IPR
15-1045 Acco Brands v. Fellowes 02/22/2016 Inter Partes Reexamination; Obviousness
15-1132 Ohio Willow Wood v. Alps South 02/19/2016 Inequitable Conduct
14-1846 Lismont v. Binzel 02/16/2016 Laches; Patent; Summary Judgment
14-1719 Nike v. Adidas 02/11/2016 AIA; Motion to Amend
14-1203 Errata Tam 02/11/2016 Trademark
15-1183 Synopsys v. Lee 02/10/2016 AIA; IPR; Jurisdiction; Mootness
14-1516 Synopsys v. Mentor Graphics 02/10/2016 AIA; Anticipation; IPR; Jurisdiction; Motion to Amend
15-1504 Trireme v. Angioscore 02/05/2016 Assignment
15-1631 Trivascular v. Samuals 02/05/2016 AIA; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Obviousness
15-1146 Columbia U. v. Symantec 02/02/2016 Claim Construction
14-1294 Purdue Pharma v. Epic Pharma 02/01/2016 Drug Patent; Hatch-Waxman; Obviousness; Secondary Considerations
15-1246 Avid v. Harmonic 01/29/2016 Claim Construction; Disavowal of Claim Scope
15-1275 Lumen View v. 01/22/2016 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
15-1265 Pfizer v. Lee 01/22/2016 Patent Term Adjustment
15-1415 MortgageGrader v. First Choice 01/20/2016 Eligible Subject Matter
15-1047 Errata Redline v. Star 01/20/2016 AIA; Burden of Proof; Obviousness; Reason To Combine; Reasonable Expectation of Success
14-1771 Ethicon v. Covidien 01/13/2016 AIA; Commercial Success; Delegation; IPR; Long-felt Need; Nexus; Obviousness
15-1272 Urbanski 01/08/2016 Motivation; Obviousness; Overlapping Ranges
15-1074 Redline v. Star 12/31/2015 AIA; Burden of Proof; Exclusion of Evidence
14-1203 Tam 12/22/2015 Constitution; Trademark
15-1453 DiStefano 12/17/2015 Printed Matter
15-1453 Errata DiStefano 12/17/2015 Costs
15-1108 Openwave v. Apple 12/15/2015 Disavowal of Claim Scope
15-1159 SightSound v. Apple 12/15/2015 Business Method; Jurisdiction
14-1135 CardSoft v. Verifone 12/02/2015 Claim Construction
15-1091 MCM Portfolio v. HP 12/02/2015 AIA; Constitution
15-1212 Straight Path v. Sipnet 11/25/2015 AIA; Claim Construction
09-1380 Akamai v. Limelight 11/16/2015 Claim Construction; Profits
15-1215 Ariosa v. Verinata 11/16/2015 AIA; Board Rationale; Remand
15-1179 INPHI v. Netlist 11/13/2015 Written Description
14-1845 Imaginal v. Leggett 11/10/2015 Claim Construction
14-1634 Prometheus v. Roxane 11/10/2015 Obviousness
14-1575 Belden v. Berk-Tek 11/05/2015 AIA; APA; Due Process; Exclusion of Evidence; IPR; Level of Skill; Obviousness; Skilled Artisan
15-1107 Morsa II 10/19/2015 Enablement of Reference
14-1406 Shukh v. Seagate 10/02/2015 Inventor Reputation
14-1458 Steed 10/01/2015 Antedating A Reference
14-1736 Shire v. Amneal 09/24/2015 Abbreviated New Drug Application
13-1564 SCA Hygiene v. First Quality 09/18/2015 En Banc; Infringement; Laches; Patent
15-1214 Dynamic Drinkware v. NGraphics 09/04/2015 AIA; Burden of Persuasion; Burden of Production; IPR; Priority; Provisional Application
14-1218 Media Rights v. Capital One 09/04/2015 Means-Plus-Function
14-1673 Dome Patent v. Lee 09/03/2015 145 Action Evidence; Burden of Proof; Obviousness
14-1123 Errata Power Integrations v. Lee 08/31/2015 Costs
14-1431 Dow Chemical v. Nova Chemicals 08/28/2015 Indefiniteness
14-1596 Hyatt v. Lee 08/20/2015 Jurisdiction; Special Circumstances; Summary Judgment
14-1789 Jack Wolfskin v. New Milennium 08/19/2015 Likelihood of Confusion; Priority; Trademark
13-1619 Louisiana Fish Fry 08/14/2015 Acquired Distinctiveness; Trademark
09-1372 Akamai v. Limelight 08/13/2015 En Banc; Infringement
14-1360 Keranos v. Silicon Storage 08/13/2015 Jurisdiction; Licensee
14-1123 Power Integrations v. Lee 08/12/2015 Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction; Standard of Review
15-133 Schott Gemtron 08/11/2015 AIA; Mandamus
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14-1275 Allergan v. Sandoz 08/04/2015 Enablement; Obviousness; Teaching Away; Written Description
15-112 Posco 07/22/2015 Mandamus
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14-1145 Versata v. Lee 07/13/2015 AIA; Business Method; Jurisdiction
14-1194 Versata v. SAP 07/09/2015 AIA; Business Method; Jurisdiction
14-1301 Cuozzo 07/08/2015 AIA; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Deference; IPR; Jurisdiction
14-1807 Celgard v. SK Innovation 07/06/2015 Jurisdiction
14-1506 Intellec. Vent. v. Capital One 07/06/2015 Eligible Subject Matter
14-1280 Daiichi Sankyo v. Lee 07/02/2015 APA; Patent Term Adjustment
13-1527 WesternGeco v. Ion Geophysical 07/02/2015 Ownership
14-1475 Speedtrack v. Office Depot 06/30/2015 Res Judicata
12-1221 Monolithic v. O2 Micro 06/25/2015 Exceptional Case
14-1499 Mohsenzadeh v. Lee 06/25/2015 Patent Term Adjustment
14-1174 Gaymar v. Cincinnati Sub-Zero 06/25/2015 Exceptional Case
14-1476 Searle v. Lupin 06/23/2015 Restriction Requirement
14-1048 Internet Patents v. Active 06/23/2015 Eligible Subject Matter
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12-1567 Teva v. Sandoz 06/18/2015 Claim Construction
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13-1130 Williamson v. Citrix 06/16/2015 En Banc; Means-Plus-Function
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12-1696 OIP Tech. v. 06/11/2015 Eligible Subject Matter
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14-1392 Eon Corp. v. AT&T Mobility 05/06/2015 Indefiniteness; Means-Plus-Function; Summary Judgment
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12-1289 Biosig v. Nautilus 04/27/2015 Indefiniteness
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14-1391 Par v. TWI 12/03/2014 Inherency; Obviousness
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14-1648 Antares v. Medac 11/17/2014 Reissue
10-1544 Ultramercial v. Hulu 11/14/2014 Eligible Subject Matter
14-1481 Vermont v. MPHJ 08/11/2014 Jurisdiction
13-1496 Golden Bridge v. Apple 07/14/2014 Waiver - Below
13-1565 Troy v. Samson 07/11/2014 Interference; New Issues
13-1180 Stauffer v. Brooks Brothers 07/10/2014 AIA; False Marking; Jurisdiction
13-1511 Madstad v. Lee 07/01/2014 AIA; Constitution; First Inventor To File
13-1492 Nordic Naturals 06/23/2014 Genericness; Trademark
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13-1476 Triton v. Nintendo 06/13/2014 Means-Plus-Function
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13-1637 Dinsmore 06/10/2014 Disclaimer; Reissue
13-1245 Allergan v. Apotex 06/10/2014 Obviousness
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13-1192 Rambus III 06/04/2014 Anticipation; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Reexamination
13-1377 Consumer Watchdog v. WARF 06/04/2014 Jurisdiction
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13-1412 Geller 05/13/2014 Disparagement; Trademark
13-1021 Oracle v. Google 05/09/2014 Copyright Eligibility
13-1170 General Electric v. Wilkins 05/08/2014 Inventorship
13-1407 Roslin Institute 05/08/2014 Eligible Subject Matter
13-1204 Packard 05/06/2014 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness
M109 Dominion Dealer 04/24/2014 AIA; Mandamus
M121 Procter and Gamble 04/24/2014 AIA; Mandamus
14-1183 St. Jude v. Volcano 04/24/2014 AIA; Jurisdiction
12-1297 Teles 04/04/2014 Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction; Obviousness; Reexamination
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13-1353 Stone Lion v. Lion Capital 03/26/2014 Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
13-1239 Brain Life v. Elekta 03/24/2014 Issue Preclusion; Res Judicata
12-1504 Therasense v. Becton II 03/12/2014 Inequitable Conduct
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13-1160 Novartis v. Lee 01/15/2014 Patent Term Adjustment
13-1167 Giannelli 01/13/2014 Obviousness
13-1114 Enhanced Security 01/13/2014 Printed Publication
12-1485 Institut Pasteur v. Focarino 12/30/2013 Inter Partes Reexamination
13-1286 Allergan v. Athena 12/30/2013 Permanent Injunction; Unfair Competition
13-1034 Galderama v. Tolmar 12/11/2013 Obviousness
13-1129 Apple v. Samsung 11/18/2013 Design; Permanent Injunction; Trade Dress
12-1345 Sanofi-Aventis v. Pfizer 11/05/2013 Interference
13-1271 Lifescan v. Shasta 11/04/2013 Exhaustion
12-1611 Randall v. Rea 10/30/2013 Ordinary Skill
13-1007 Ibormeith v. Mercedes-Benz 10/22/2013 Eligible Subject Matter; Means-Plus-Function
13-1080 Biedermann 10/18/2013 New Ground of Rejection
13-1072 Keurig v. Sturm Foods 10/17/2013 Exhaustion
13-1066 nCUBE v. SeaChange 10/10/2013 Contempt Motion
12-1658 Intellect Wireless v. HTC 10/09/2013 Inequitable Conduct
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12-1634 Rambus v. Rea 09/24/2013 New Ground of Rejection
12-1452 St. Jude Medical v. Access 09/11/2013 Obviousness; Restriction Requirement
12-1624 Wawrzynski v. H.J. Heinz 09/06/2013 Jurisdiction; Transfer
11-1486 Accenture v. Guidewire 09/05/2013 Eligible Subject Matter
12-1422 Aevoe v. AE Tech. 08/29/2013 Jurisdiction
12-1600 Apple v. Samsung 08/23/2013 Jurisdiction; Protective Order
12-1581 Hamilton Beach v. Sunbeam 08/14/2013 On Sale
12-1520 Leo Pharmaceutical v. Rea 08/12/2013 Age of a Reference; Claim Construction; Obviousness
12-1420 Bimeda Research 07/25/2013 Written Description
12-1610 Adler 07/18/2013 KSR; New Ground of Rejection; Obviousness; Predictable Results
12-1343 Smith & Nephew v. Rea 07/09/2013 Obviousness
11-1363 Bosch v. Pylon 06/14/2013 En Banc; Interlocutory Appeal; Jurisdiction
12-1298 Seed Growers v. Monsanto 06/10/2013 Case Or Controversy; Jurisdiction; Plant
12-1038 Ateliers v. Broetje 05/21/2013 Best Mode
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11-1547 Hubbell 03/07/2013 Double Patenting
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11-1332 Zumbiel v. Kappos 12/27/2012 Inter Partes Reexamination; Obviousness
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11-1373 Miracle Tuesday 10/04/2012 Geography; Trademark
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11-1600 Droge 09/21/2012 Obviousness; Reasonable Expectation of Success
11-1461 Applied Materials 08/20/2012 Commercial Success; Obviousness; Teaching Away
11-1247 Rambus 08/15/2012 Anticipation; Claim Construction; Expired Patent; Reexamination
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11-1459 Beineke 08/06/2012 Plant; Statutory Construction
11-1465 Antor Media 07/27/2012 Enablement of Reference
11-1451 Mouttet 06/26/2012 Obviousness; Teaching Away
11-1239 Hyon 05/24/2012 Motivation to Combine References; Reissue
11-1073 Baxter International 05/17/2012 Means-Plus-Function; Waiver - Below
11-1136 Youman 05/08/2012 Recapture; Reissue
11-1376 Montgomery 05/08/2012 Anticipation - Inherency; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Claim Construction
11-1111 Becton, Dickinson 04/12/2012 Functionality; Trademark
11-1330 Chamber of Commerce 04/03/2012 Descriptiveness; Trademark
11-1354 Viterra 03/06/2012 Likelihood of Confusion; Trademark
10-1443 Staats 03/05/2012 Broad Claim; Reissue
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11-1030 Leithem 09/19/2011 New Ground of Rejection
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10-1243 NTP 08/01/2011 Claim Construction; Printed Publication; Reference Date; Swear Behind
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10-1260 Mostafazadeh 05/03/2011 Recapture; Reissue
10-1262 Tanaka 04/15/2011 Reissue
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10-1141 Glatt Air 01/05/2011 Commercial Success; Obviousness
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09-1543 Hornback v. United States 04/15/2010 Secrecy Order
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08-1369 Spirits International 04/29/2009 Geography; Trademark
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08-1453 Gleave 03/26/2009 Anticipation
07-1232 Ferguson 03/06/2009 Eligible Subject Matter
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07-1050 Hyatt v. Dudas 12/23/2008 Remand; Separately Argued
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03-1278 Sullivan 03/22/2004 Interference; Priority
03-1121 Watts 01/15/2004 Harmless Error; Obviousness; Waiver - Below
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